Over Analysing Yahya Jammeh

jammehIs it all about Dictator Jammeh or is there more to it? Kairo radio show on today.

Gambians have somehow become addicted to every conversation which starts and ends with Yahya Jammeh. We start with Yahya Jammeh the rapist, Yahya Jammeh the murderer, Yahya Jammeh the corrupt President, Yahya Jammeh the Mafia, the manipulative dangerous mixer, Yahya Jammeh the greedy, Yahya Jammeh the womaniser, Yahya Jammeh the tyrant, and so on and on.
However, President Yahya Jammeh exists within the fabric of the Gambian social and political landscape. He is not in space or operating in a vacuum. He manages his affairs and that of the Gambia with the help and assistance of Gambians, who come from homes, families, clans, tribes, cultures and traditional back grounds.
Our analysis is simple: Yahya Jammeh is the problem. We start from that point and somehow ends there. What we have succeeded in doing is chasing the shadows of our own created dictator. We chase his shadows while he plays along.
The Gambia media now competes furiously with one another on who knows what next the ‘master tyrant’ is planning to do. It is now turning ugly between certain media establishments. The burning issue is, who is more connected or sourced within the Jammeh gangster network. The smart game Jammeh plays is dribbled by his agents who drop bits and pieces of stuffs he finds harmless.
If a man walks in big strides and you follow him counting his foot steps, how long will you continue counting those footsteps? Let us stop counting Yahya Jammeh’s footsteps and commence learning what went wrong in the social, cultural, religious and educational fabric of the Gambia.
People hate being reminded of their grand fathers, they hate being reminded of the struggles their folks did in the past, yet we assume and think that, we can solve our problems with shallow education most of us acquires…
Ghana ends the Jawlings one man rule with a systematic changes, society has to be willing to change. Gambians stop running away from themselves and accept that, the problems we are facing is societal messed up, it’s community cohesion breakdown, it is shallowness in our education, and deceptive tendencies in dealing with one another.
Everyone now thinks he can be the next President, the next director, the next manager. Gambians find it terribly hard to work together, and the mentalities and mindsets are to blame. Unless, we thoroughly understand that, the greatest of America, Britain, France, Malaysia and other fast moving countries lies in the citizenry accepting to work for the common good, they will remain mediocre and under achieving.
Let the Big man mentality vanishes in the Gambian discourse, let the personality cult be destroyed, let the without me it will not succeed cease to fascinate shallow thinkers. What many leaves behind in their conversations is what is terribly more significant. President Jammeh is a parasite, but he has those who prepare, serve the human meal on his plate daily. Look back and learn, never run and hide from the shadows of your ancestors. Will they have accepted the plight we are in today, if not what would they have done to end it.
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