Jaliba Lost Legendary Wollof Drummer


The late legendary drummer Nyaw Nying/Timeline Photo provided by Fatou Jaliba Kuyateh

News of the untimely death of the legendary Wollof drummer of the Kumareh Band was broken by the wife of Jaliba Kuyateh. Fatou Jaliba Suso was in pain as she broke Nyaw Nying’s death to the fans of the Kumareh Band early this morning on Facebook.

“‘Inna lillahi Wa Inna’ilayhi Raj’un’ Every soul that taste life will surely taste death …. Jaliba and the Kumareh Band regret to announce the demise of Nyaw Nying the drumlit player of the Kumareh Band. The burial will take place at 5:00 PM at Jeshwang just after the AGIB Bank…..

A thousand words won’t bring you back, I know because I have tried, neither will a thousand tears I know because I have cried. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. Rest In Peace Nyaw Nying,” Tuti Jaliba Sanyang somberly wrote.

It was hard for the fans to accept the fact that Nyaw Nying joined his ancestors last night.  

Nyaw Nying was instrumental in adding the Mblax rhythm to the Kora pop that Gambian Kora King has invented. The blend has got into the hearts of many Gambians. Nyaw Nying’s father, the late Masamba Nying, was a one time master of ceremonies for the former Gambian President Sir Dawda Jawara.

Last November, Nyaw Nying concluded a tour with Jaliba Kuyateh and the Kumareh Band. The marathon tour took them to Europe and the United States.

Nyaw Nying’s mastery of drumming is undisputed, with expert drummers in both the Gambia and Senegal ranking him among the highest skillful drummers. He will surely be missed. May his soul rest in Eternal Bliss.



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