Kairo News Survives Malicious Attack

KAIRONEWS 2Kairo News website emerged from a malicious cyber attack that has left a huge toll on our budget, energy and time.

Unlike many cyber attacks, we saw ours coming few hours after we published a story titled “Gambia’s Undocumented Prisons And Prisoners” last Monday. The attack, which came in a form of bug buried inside an essential plugin, soon shattered Kairo News website layout. Our attempt to fix the problem was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. But our determination to fight back and get our site up and running has never faded. Soon we set our cyber technicians on a complicated and difficult journey aimed at recovering the site and its contents.

“You guys are smart enough to back up the site as soon as you sense the attack,” one of our cyber technicians said. “The goal of the malicious attack is to wipe out Kairo News off cyberspace.” Yes, Kairo News disappeared from the cyberspace for at least five hours on Tuesday. Instead of directing visitors to our site under construction, our url kept showing “Error Establishing Database Connection”. This meant attackers messed up our Cpanel on our hosting site.

The host was quickly contacted. After spending three hours of painstaking work, the nightmare remained. Our host company ran out of solutions, This forced us to contact the technician who had originally constructed the site. After some hours of troubleshooting and diagnosis, the site came back to life.

We are grateful to all those who have reached out to expressing concern about the problem. We hope our visitors will maintain patience as we embark on this most challenging development in our 11 months history. The challenge now for us is how to customise the site to its original form.

The attack did not affect our normal daily radio programs, as many people listen to them on Tunein, Shoutcast or Zeno Radio call.

In summary, we want to assure the general public that the malicious attack has made us stronger in our quest to liberate the imprisoned minds of our people. It is our belief that no one is immune to cyber attack in a world where hackers break into the website of the United States government. The internet is like a smoke because it is evident that no one has complete control over it.

We have learnt some lessons that cyber attacks happen because people have done something wrong or have left out something essential.



  1. Mai Sonko (Texas)

    Well done guys. You have become the voice of reason. Where other media are battling on rivalry and competition, you folks remain calm and focus. I am glad you are back up.

  2. Great leadership Musa. Your team is sensible in handling Gambian issues. Keep it up Sillah, Yaya and Suntu.

    • The malicious cyber attack is not surprising & all indications can point to the kanilai devilish murderer & his criminal syndicate elements at their best… You are only attacked because kaironews is the voice of the people of Gambia… You can take my word, be prepared & brace yourselves for such more attacks until the struggle succeeds in reclaiming the motherland from the tyrannical kanilai fiefdom… Keep up the good work guys, you are among the best of the creed. History surely have a place for you & whoever contributes to our noble struggle to liberate Gambia from the jaws of murderous kanilai alligator until successful… God bless you & the Gambia motherland from the evil trailers on the services of the worst murderous satanic devil of kanilai… Devilish yaya Jammeh is on borrowed time until we apprehend him & prosecute him with his equally evil cohorts… God bless Gambia & us all; Ameen.

  3. Sharpen your pencils….The truth has wings.

  4. Sure kairo radio will grow bigger and better. Thanks to you all…..

  5. It’s a shame that someone is trying to shut you up…Well done for standing TALL and UNMOVABLE and be rest assured of our support, in whatever way possible. ..

  6. Kairo News forever! I respect your style of journalism which is base on truth searching, professionalism and maturity. Kairo is the people’s media, we should support it financially.

  7. Baboucarr Samba

    Great people fight until they win. Kudos to Kairo team for being strong.

  8. This is a clear testimony that your messages are causing fear within the corridors of power.

  9. Can’t imagine my life without Kairo News. I love everything about the paper, especially its comment section where ideologies keep flying high.