Gambia’s Undocumented Prisons And Prisoners

MUSA - ebou_editedAfter weeks of large-scale investigation, Kairo News is today making public the locations of the Gambia’s unofficial secret detention centers. The number is pegged at three.

Our trusted sources said these unofficial prisons have been holding people termed as “security threat to the Gambia.”

MUSA - mahawaDisturbingly, some of these secret detainees are either reeling with physical disability resulting from brutal tortures or major health problems. “None of these detainees is allowed access to medical treatment,” our erudite source confirmed.

Kairo News is digging deeper into the story to uncover the names of detainees in these secluded or secret detention centers.

Top among the undocumented detention centers is the one situated between “Kanilai (birthplace of President Yahya Jammeh) and Kanfenda in Foni.” This centre holds people dictator Jammeh wants people to speculate as dead or killed.

Our sources also spotted out an unofficial prison situated at the compound of the old Kartong Police Station. People housed here are considered posing less security threat to the country.

The final location of the unofficial prison is located in the Sankuley Kunda junction area. The area, heavily guarded by paramilitary officers, was a defunct agriculture centre. This secret center houses people abducted or arrested without a warrant. Also living here under horrible conditions are those in possession of sensitive information.

Kaior News wants securtity officers to remember that they took oath serve their country people with sincerity. As such it is their responsibility to provide the names of detainees in these secret centers across the country. Exposing their names will dry tears on the eyes of many families as well as raise their hopes. These families have been left in a quagmire because they don’t know whether their missing loved ones are dead or alive.

So many abducted Gambians, including Mahawa Cham, Saul Ndow, Alagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, remain missing. Kairo News will do its utmost best to establish the identities of the secret detainees and their state of mind and health.



  1. Yankuba Jobe

    Welcome back Kaironews! I hope everything is under control now..

    Regarding the secret prison, I am not surprised, he learnt that dirty tactics from his Arab Dictators. Locking innocent people up, and made them disable for the rest of their life is worst then killing them, dead is only once!

  2. Thanks guys. It is good to see you back on your two feet again. Right now I’m furious and full of rage after reading this article about secret detention centres all over the place, who are these bandits running my beloved country. God, please save my people!!!

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