President Bori Bori – A Ntional Embarrasement

jammehTraditional medicine has a long history in Africa. It is administered by well trained experts who learnt the skills and knowledge from family members or herbal masters.

Sadly, the mercurial Gambian head of state, the accident which is now a national tragedy and embarrassment, is the official custodian of all herbal medicine men in our region. The curer of every known incurable ailments prided over traditional medicine day on January 17th. Arise President bori bori (bori means medicine).

Read the rest in this story published by Standard newspapers.

‘President Jammeh played host to the national traditional medicine day celebrations in his home village of Kanilai under the theme ‘promotion and development of traditional alternative medicine to enhance quality health service’.

This information was disclosed to journalists yesterday by Modou Njie, director of health promotion under the Ministry of Health during a press briefing  held at their  offices in Kotu.

The use of traditional medicine, he postulated, had been on the wane until the establishment of the president’s alternative treatment which has increased its popularity.

“We need to promote traditional medicines and currently the ministry has incorporated traditional healers into our systems. During the launching, there would be exhibition of traditional medicinal products, drama,  recitation of poems and a  march- pass. The launching would also serve as a platform for discussion on the importance of traditional medicine in mainstream conventional health system.”

Buba Darboe, also from the health promotion unit spoke of the importance of traditional medicine, saying, ‘ it is not something new to Gambians’.

He added that his office together with their line ministry would work in closer alignment with traditional healers for effective utilisation of traditional medicines in The Gambia. The ministry of health, he declared, values the role traditional healers play in the health delivery system of the country.’

Source: Standard news


  1. Unfortunately, Jasong Touray from Jarra Buiba village had already left the world, otherwise, I personally would have recommended Yaya Jammeh to go and see him for mental check before the celebration!

  2. Yankuba, I totally agreed with you 100% that this mental sick dictator should go to the healer like late Jasong Touray and cure him. He is worse than mental retardate person. Gambians needs to wake up before this lunatic mental crazy dictator will call himself he is God. Some of his opportunist and pprostitute woman like Brikama, uneducated governor Aja Siffaye, hydara, article on daily observer was very stupid and opportunist comment. Remember this Siffaye hydara used to be boy boy for first lady Tuti, faal, but once she show the opportunity, she now talks bad about the same Tuti faal she used to kiss her ass. History can recalled that, this Siffaye hydara back in jawara time, this dictator jammeh, want to marry her both Siffaye hydara and her mother kono, Sanneh, refused to marry Siffaye because then yahya jammeh was a solider. Siffaye’s mother by then only give her daughters like siffaye, Lalia, and kaddy, to people who are rich and also in the top ranking positions in jawara’s, government. People like Pakaya, fofana, the husband of Lalia, Antuman, Jillen, the former accountant general, the husband of kaddy, who is governor siffaye hydara’s sisters. So today, how can the same gold diggers sister like siffaye hydara and the family can have audacity to talk. Even Pakaya fofana is staying in his laws in Brikama with everyday embarrassment and disrespect by his own in laws he used to pump in a lot of our Gambian government money to them. But today the ball turn around and now they are embarrassing and disrespecting him like he is not the same Pakaya fofana who built big cement building in their compound in brikama. Siffaye hydara shouldn’t called those December 30th attackers at the state house selfish, jealous, ignorant to Allah blessings on the gambia when she siffaye and her family greediness, gold diggers and ignorant of Allah.

  3. Siffaye Hydara and other opportunists should know that one day the history will judge them and it will not be good. She should learn from her boss Tuti faal jammeh who used to call the Gambian opposition parties bunch of empty barrel. Where is the same Tuti faal jammeh today? Where is then state house imam Fatty? And the list goes on and on. Yahya Jammeh is not but lunatic mental sick dictator. One day history will judge both you opportunists liars and ungodly siffaye hydara and others who used this opportunist political platforms to worship and praise dictator jammeh and then turn around and insult the hero and patriotic Gambians like late lamin sanneh, and co. Know that these men are true patriotic freedom fighters and may Allah grant them jannati, fildas. Ameen!!!!!!!!!!

    • The “Bori bori” connotation shows his very fat lies & falsified mysticism yaya jammeh want to play on the Gambian peoples’ mindset…. Claiming invincibility that he can banished Jin & pacify our noble efforts to oust him, etc, … However, history WILL tell that Gambians see end of criminal barbarities, & are now planning beyond tyrannical oppression of the illegitimate criminal syndicate based in kanilai capital any time sooner… Yaya jammeh claims to treat diabetes, AIDs, amongst many other illnesses but both yaya jammeh & his own Bojang mother are suffering from diabetes; why can’t he cure himself & mother…??? This very same lies is why he also dresses & impersonate in white like Ahmed Saikou Touré former “mystical” Guinean president….?? Evil yaya jammeh can continue to dream about his lies & deceit & waste our resources temporally…. What is certain is the determination of Gambians to salvage their motherland from kanilai Pharaoh ‘GILAWTAD’… Nothing except the back of evil yaya Jammeh can see to eternal peace & tranquillity with justice & harmony in Gambia & beyond… God bless Gambia; Ameen.