Super Kanja Mouths: Gambian Men Simply Too Cheap

pa and dampha

It is official, small country syndrome affects most of us. Do you know who I am? The rest is all spilling the beans.

The celebrity Gambian radio host of Freedom Radio, Pa Nderry M’bai, unleashes venom against certain individuals in the Gambian dissident group, whipping them for leaking stuffs and talking too much, and too quick to carry out naïve and premature plans and plots to unseat President Yahya Jammeh. There is some element of truth here if the master of all connected radio motor mouths in the Gambian online media is convinced that we have Super Kanja Mouths [okra soup mouths] within our midst.

Pa Nderry M’bai is simply complaining that people talk too easily about plans in the offing without looking into the many dangers that lie ahead. In that, they give away their own security and that of others and dash the hopes of returning normalcy in our country. Are these Super Kanja mouths not the ones extending Jammeh’s rein of terror?

M’bai’s hard truth comes just few days after Kairo Radio’s Mohammed Lamin Sillah raised what he called the “biggest obstacle to the struggle to defeat tyranny in the Gambia.” Talking in Wollof parables, Mr. Sillah said “a hunter that wants to go home with bush meat does not cough frequently.” He too concurred that “our people talk too cheaply and in the process spill the beans.”

ML Sillah was the former head of Amnesty International Gambia
ML Sillah hosts The Talking Point

Our erudite commentator and security analyst also had bones to pick with loudmouth people. Yaya Dampha warned people to be wary of the damage caused by “the people who use their tongue to shatter everything. People need to sit on their mouths and avoid talking too cheaply, putting others’ lives in danger.”

What did Super Kanja Men tell you Mama Neneh?

It is now evident that Gambian men have a serious weakness in keeping secret or anything confidential, especially when they see fair-coloured women sitting next to them. Even Jammeh’s secret agents give in everything while courting girls. These girls do not need to tune these agents because they vomit until they run out of gas.

News in the grapevine says December 30th foiled coup was leaked to President Jammeh two months before the execution took place. A self-exiled journalist poured the soup while trying hard to win the heart of Mama Neneh Macdouall-Gaye. This journalist is not a lone wolf in this type of attitude because many of our men do as if they have not been to the circumcision camp.

How then should trust and confidence be built in the activist and dissident circles, when people too cheaply confide in newspaper editors and radio hosts?

Pa Nderry M’bai wants to work his ash off for his information. However, it seems volunteering of confidential information is rather the norm, instead of the other way round. People want fame without hard work; they want recognition without sweating for it. What more is left on their plate other than blabbing, barking or yapping?

Anyone bent on unseating the Jammeh regime through whatever means should first guard his mouth.

Gambians will not be moved or swayed by how much Facebook likes, twitters postings one gets. The age we are in will be defined by substance and credible achievements over media inflated self-importance. The media is a vital tool but it is my fervent belief that educating and preparing our people should be the target not deceiving them in becoming a darling without substance.

Social media is contributing to creating this demon of ‘aling njee, aling njee’ ‘look at me, see me, here I am.’ If concrete steps are not taken to create a China wall between the private us and public us, no plan will work against President Jammeh. The philosophy of detachment is lacking in many Gambians of social importance. There is no private them and public them, it is all muddled up. President Jammeh and his intelligent agents don’t even work too hard to discover plots against them. Beautiful women get the job done with a slight smile. Let us be wise up, tough up and man up. Let us simply keep our mouth shut for the common good. Not everything we are privy to is meant to be shared.

A key member of the Committee for Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia in Europe is also accused of not leaking whatever is discussed behind closed doors to Bala Garba Jahumpa. It is common knowledge that whatever Bala knows is soon passed on to Jammeh. This is one of the reasons why he still secures a cabinet spot. We know the person in question but time is not ripe for him to be identified. But the onus now lies on all of us to trail these mouths without covers because they are the ones keeping Jammeh’s feet on the ground.

We have so many stories to tell on Super Kanja Mouth series but one sometimes forced to take a pause and say, alas, that coveted kewulo [circumcision camp] passed onto generations since the time of our ancestors is dead and buried. If any pieces of it exists, when can one find them?



  1. Ii is vital to screen everyone involve in this struggle to avoid another failure.

  2. great write up guys, on this occasion i agree with Pa Mbai and Kairo guys for airing that sound opinion.

  3. Don’t trust no-one, hell don’t even trust yourself in this struggle.. No wonder why Neneh is back, because she got something…. We can’t blame jammeh on this one.

  4. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Ha, Ha, Ha! Suntou you kill me with laughter! You mean Pa Mbai, of all people, was calling anyone “Super Kanja Mouth”???

    Please leave Madam Neneh alone! She is my favorite Gambian of all time! And Suntou, if you can sit face to face with Madam Neneh, look into her eyes and still remain able to resist giving her any secret she wants you to give her, then you are not a real man – you are a dried up prune with no passion left in your body!

    I love, nay adore, Madam Neneh. A of warning to Sheriff Bojang: Sheriffo, let me not see a photograph of you sitting next to Madam Neneh in Cabinet Meetings. I know you Sheriffo. Trust me, I am not your average Gambian Coup-Plotter. Boy, I guarantee you that if I see you near Madam Neneh I will be in Karang in no time with an AK47 and even LAGOS will not be able to stop me getting to you.

    Sheriffo be warned! Stay away from Madam Neneh – write all that love poems you used to write for FJC instead! Boy, a word to the wise is enough yo!

    • Luntango, I for one was chased by your Neneh many a times and she failed to get me. You are free not to beleive me but Neneh will never deny that in my presence. This is just to tell you your weakness on beautiful women is not a desease for all men.
      Hahahahaah bilay waye!

  5. Great piece but there’s a problem…You let off the biggest “superkanja” mouth in.the “struggle” : Pa Nderry Mbye of Freedom Radio…

    That guy is got a.motor mouth that is probably the biggest source of intelligence for Jammeh’s NIA…

    His Freedom Radio may be the.most followed but that’s because he is more of a “Winfrey Opera chat show” type than information medium..And that rings a cord with many people. ..It is even said (in.our traditions) that some people may not have what to eat but have plenty to gossip about…You want proof of that, just tune into Freedom Radio..

  6. Kairo praising Pa Ndery Mbye?? Waau! This world is full of characters. If anyone has Super Kanja mouth my friends you of all online media knew him well. Suntu Touray knows who was calling him a Taliban. But you now feared Pa Ndery so much to see truth.

    • Hi Lamin. I think we understand issues differently. We are only making an observation where we concur with each other. If Pa Nderry admits that, people easily talk, and he’s one editor who comes with the most breaking news, don’t you think we all need to accept that, he is correct. And some have an issue with his celebrity status, well, he is unavoidable many many Gambians. And in that bracket he is one. What is now important is to advise a responsible release of information to the media and wider public. Dida is spot on, we speak in British, lol.
      Read the details. As for fearing Pa, that is incorrect. I for one call out issues as i see them. I have called out Pa on many issues and we deal with them sometimes friendly, other time acrimoniously. This is the spirit of free speech, and respecting each other’s opinion. Appreciate your observation.

  7. Toppling Jammeh will only be successful by people who want to get rid of him and EXIT.
    Anyone who wants to topple him to occupy his seat will fail and that is exactly what happen on the 30th December.
    You can fight Jammeh selflessly to free the oppressed Gambian people and go your way and leave the constitution and the International community take its course and surely Allah will be with you.

  8. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @Lamin Njie: You miss Suntou’s subtlety bro! Suntou is British – like Luntango (lol).

  9. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @Deyda: Dream on Bro! You may have my name and youth on your side – but you lack the “panache”!

    • hahaha! Luntango are you jealous??? well keep dreaming Neneh in your old hands….LoL
      By the way Neneh is a married woman and I don’t mess with my brother’s woman. NEVER.

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        Deyda, the very thought of grubby “old hands” soils poetic love! Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat is just an old poet’s dream! Madame Neneh is the inspiration for my Rubaiyat and she must remain unobtainable – like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

        • Tu n’es qu’un vieux reveur qui ne peut etre inspirer que par une chatte.
          English language is not my mother tongue and so Moliere will respond to Shakespare.
          Madame Neneh is not a role model, less I forget that sympathy for the victims of dictatorship is not in your blood chemestry.

  10. Pa Nderry is not a journalist, he is just an informer….believe me or not he cannot even write any well written piece on his paper is always someone else contribution. Compare stories composed by him and correlate them with a professionally written literary news item .

  11. He is crap he don’t wish Jammeh out this soon because he is running his business courtesy of Jammeh’s extended stay. He is crap with his bunch of uninformed bigoted fans and failed brothers like Krubally and Ebou Jallow. I am utterly disappointed with Ebou Jallow how low he brought himself for Pa Nderry and loosing the respect he has made to himself after his first appearance on freedomdown. Gambia Is Gone

  12. Baboucarr Samba

    Lamin Njie misses his steps here. What’s wrong with creating a headline out of Pa Nderry’s talking point? Nothing absolutely. Kairo is not even judging anybody here but addressing a fundamental problem eating the social fabric of our society. Great journalists like those in Kairo News spark off issues with the goal of educating and helping people to understand. Without the likes of Kairo people of my calibre will not have a perfect choice.

  13. Loaded with facts. Sometimes you wonder whether these super kanja men have blood in their sperm. If a man gives too much, we need to vet that man thoroughly. But you’ll be surprised to know that we women hold the key to the Gambia’s top or classified secrets. We get them without sweating.

  14. Thank you Nfansu and Bax, you guys said in all about Pa Nderry Mbye. Gambians have to learned that anything Pa Nderry knows about what is about to happen positively and he is not part of it. He will definitely miss up it. He never keep any secrets because Pa Nderry agenda is to derail the struggle and use it to benefit him. I did blame the Gambians that goes to Pa Nderry and discuss their plans. I never trusted Pa even before the Raleigh Conference because he was the one that sabotage the Dakar conference until the sponsor withdrew their support. when he found out that the Raleigh conference was about to be held, he fought it tooth and nail to bring it down but he failed miserably. He said all bad things about the local conference organizers on his radio to create division among the diaspora but most people ignore him. The first hours of the December coup pa Nderry started calling all the names of the freedom fighters, where they lived and their present locations. Why do all of that to put those guys in danger? I was very shocked and angry with his loud mouth. Please keep away from Pa Nderry.

  15. That is the truth Alimatou.. It is very hard for some Gambian men to keep a secret but the worst among them is Pa Nderry. God help us.

  16. KUJABI I fully agree that Pa is not a bona fide journalist but more of a Radio Kangkang journalist. He repeats unsubstantiated rumours and gossip, which whilst some Gambians may find it entertaining, has little to do with any serious attempts to bring about change… look at today… Freedom Radio exposes pictures of “execution victims” in very grisly poses showing evidence of torture… not attempt to obscure the faces… but further on he mentions that allegations are “unsubstantiated”. If these pictures are true they could provide very serious evidence against those responsible, but could also be extremely distressing to relatives having their loved ones photo, stripped naked and dead, exposed in such a trivial manner. Interestingly suddenly the pictures are removed later on today. Can you imaging a respectable journalist from any recognised newspaper doing this without serious sanctions against them being taken?

    Mr Pa Mbye shouldn’t be beyond accountability which ultimately does a disservice to all serious Gambians, especially those striving for real change.

  17. Bul Kham and Nfasu, I agreed with both of you. Pa Nderry Mbye has a sickness and the syndrome is called the diarrhea of the mouth. By that it meant he cannot keep any information in his head too long because the mouth has to say it as he thinks about it. Please forgive him because he cannot help it.
    Pa Nderry never follows the ethics of Journalism because he had no clue what it all entails. That is why I called him a Bootlegged Journalist because he is somebody who is doing it to make a quick buck for himself.