Jammeh Axes SG, Justice Minister

Dr. Kalilu Bayo also a victim of Jammeh’s electric broom!

Some news reach our news desk confirming the firing of the Gambia’s Secretary General and Minister of Justice.

In a rather surprising move, President Yahya Jammeh fired Dr. Kalilu Bayo and Basirou Mahoney from their positions without explaining reasons, a violation of an earlier threat.

President Jammeh has appointed the deputy Secretary General, Lamin Nyabally, as the Secretary General and Head of Government.

No replacement has been named for Basirou Mahoney who had vigorously defended the Gambia’s already dented human rights credentials at last year’s United Nations Periodic Review in Geneva, Switzerland. The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Abubacarr Senghore, is entrusted with overseeing the Justice Ministry until Mr. Jammeh finds a replacement.


One Comment

  1. They are just taking a little vacation which might land them in the SHIT HOLE, or the monster will wait till they go broke and reappoint them again. No minister can ever finish a project under Jammeh.Somebof our Gambian intellectuals are like jammeh’s underwear.He keeps changing them everyday. SMH