Gambia Security Fails To Investigate Coup Weapons

President JammehGambian President’s unpopularity among security heads has been demonstrated by their failure to investigate the presence of a cache of imported illegal arms in the country.

Our intelligence source said security heads careless about the security of the nation otherwise they would have acted on useful tip-off.  “The head of the Gambia National Army Intelligence, Major Malamin Jarjue, has alerted them about the presence of illegal weapons in the country,” Kairo News sources said.

This comes following President Yahya Jammeh’s parading of cache of weapons on national television. Mr. Jammeh, who accused some foreign powers of sponsoring the alleged coup plotters, said whoever is implicated in the coup must be prepared to die. Three people were killed during Tuesday morning shootout at State House in Banjul this week.

“Malamin Jarjue wrote a memo to the necessary authorities that a container of weapons are hiding somewhere in the Gambia,” our intelligence source said. “But since no one cares about the threat, no action was therefore taken. The fact is that there was no response from the high authorities,” said our source, disclosing that the said container of heavy arms and ammunition was discovered in the residence of a United States based Gambian in Kotu.

“A watchman at the said residence was arrested and questioned about the cache. He told investigators about his lack of knowledge of what was inside the container,” our trusted source said.

Our source promised to explain how a truck load of arms and ammunition found its way in Banjul. “All I can say for now is that they passed through Denton Bridge where you have soldiers and military guards on duty,” our source said, begging to rush for patrol. “I will keep you updated later because we are still on stand by. In that, all soldiers spend the night at the military camp.”

More details on the coup will follow shortly.


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