Bissau Will Not Extradite Gambia Coupists Unless…

General Biague Na Ntan
General Biague Na Ntan

Kairo News has just confirmed that Guinea-Bissau authorities will not agree to extradite the alleged Gambian coupists under their custody unless the former’s national assembly legislates a law to that effect.

Guinea-Bissau’s military Chief of Staff, General Biague Na Ntan, has confirmed the presence of the four Gambian men in the country. For security reasons, Kairo News will not disclose the identities of the men for now. Three of the alleged coupists are currently held at Bissau’s military headquarters while the fourth one is at the border with Senegal. He is on the verge of being transported to Bissau for safety reasons.

Guinean authorities guarantee the security of the alleged Gambian coupists.

Gambian President who dashed Bissau with money and fleet of cars has reportedly sent a plane to extradite the men to the Gambia. This latest shift will no doubt deal a big blow to President Jammeh who has blamed some western powers for sponsoring what he called “terrorists” to bring down his government.

Kairo News will do its utmost best to keep its readers updated with developments whenever necessary.




  1. Great news. At least lives will be safe.

  2. Mustapha Konteh

    Please use all your influence and dipolomatic sources to make sure they are not extradicted. Bissau would violate international law to hand these guys over. Let us all support these heroes.

  3. Contact the Guinean embassies and western embassies to ensure that they don’t bow down to Jammehs pressure like the disgraceful Macky Sall.