UN Issues Statement On Gambia


bankiNew York, 31 December 2014

The Secretary-General is following closely developments in The Gambia.

He reiterates the United Nations principled condemnation of all attempts to seize power through unconstitutional means. Referring to reports that indicate that the situation in Banjul is calm, he calls for all parties to exercise restraint and to refrain from further violence.

Noting the seriousness of any attempt to overthrow governments by force, the Secretary-General encourages the establishment of a transparent investigation into the events of 30 December, in compliance with due process and respect for the rule of law. In that regard, he urges the Government of The Gambia, and its security and defense forces to act in full respect for human rights.

The United Nations will continue to closely monitor the situation.






  2. The UN & international community hereby noted, yet again, that there is political injustice tyrannically occurring in Gambia continually…??? Yaya jammeh himself illegally grabbed the embezzling running of our affairs of state illegitimately….?? Why can’t UN, AU, ECOWAS, & our opposition leaders in particular, act NOW…? to prevent the issue generating into a strife… The Gambia is indeed suffering injustices which is why such & other ventures will continue to be planned & executed amongst options to stop the decadence until successful… The Gambia is bigger than ANY individual… Yaya jammeh may be temporary in charge with his evil mercenaries but it won’t deter Gambians’ legitimate reclamation…. The intentional community has moral duty to intervene & help to redress before the situation degenerates like in other hotspots around the global village…. How about our opposition leaders, who can end this bloodlessly by simple act of commitment, come to work together for one & all….. Please identify a neutral person, outside the current opposition leaders, I want to suggest, present him to contest election for all opposition, to oust the kanilai devil civilly bloodlessly… Then the current constitution purified to standard, fresh election observed under this incumbent, where all political parties can contest but excluding this neutral overseeing incumbent? We MUST act now tactically to minimize loss of more lives under the kanilai murderer, to stop further injustices being committed in Gambia which are root causes. Condemnation alone might not be of much merits. God bless Gambia; Ameen.

  3. Where was the UN all these years when innocent lives were taken by Yahya Jammeh.and his stinky cohorts. The UN and the US must understand that we came to a point when we can’t take it any longer. For far too long we have been suffering at the hands of THIS man and who did we see coming to our aid? NONE! The US led a campaign against Saddam Hussein and overthrew him. He was elected by his people but overthrown openly thanks to US and allies. Please don’t come to me with the nonsense that they may be on our side but do not want to be seen taking sides. Iraqis are human, Saddam was a darn dictator and so is THIS THING call Yahya Jammeh. After all aren’t we Gambians human enough?