Latest On Coup In Gambia

bandera-de-gambiaLatest news from the Gambia alleged that President Yahya Jammeh’s loyalists are not in control as they have earlier claimed. Rather, we are told the coup is alive as we write this piece.

President Jammeh is said to have avoided going back to the Gambia, believing that the situation remains fluid. Security sources said the mutiny is still on track and that President Jammeh will not be allowed to return home. “Soldiers have decided to take control and resist plans to allow President Jammeh back in the country,” security sources said.

President Jammeh who reportedly flew from Dubai to Chad is now heading to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is reported that senior military officials are deciding on what to do next. “The situation is still volatile, as President Jammeh’s men are not in control,” another source reported, contradicting earlier reports.

So far, security sources said insurgents are in control of State House. It is alleged that while soldiers in Yundum and Fajara Barracks their colleagues in Kanilai, Kartong and Farafenni may be against it. This insinuates that the coup will be a success if senior military officials agree on a transition plan.

Both the air and seaports remain closed while few cars are spotted on the road.

However, with all the uncertainty gripping the Gambia, the national broadcaster GRTS decides not to say anything credible against the coup. Kairo News will keep you updated on this rather cumbersome development that our country and her people find themselves in.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    God Bless The Gambia. PEACE and a Government of National Unity must be the number one priority.

    • I am monitoring your website the whole day. Please keep up the good work and make corrections as needed. Once again May Allah bless our nation.