UDP Insists On Level Playing Field

Hon. Kemeseng Jammeh

The main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) recently wrapped up a provincial tour. The party’s high-powered delegation used the tour to hammer home their central message of criticising the lack of level political field, human rights and break down of democracy in the Gambia. The party also scolded the Jammeh regime on rampant corruption, constriction of freedom of speech, detention without trial and disappearances of people.

The touring officials were received with tumultuous welcome by the UDP sympathisers, especially by those in the Lower River Region.

The delegation paid a visit to the party’s farm in Jamwell in Nianija Constituency. The coos farm was a demonstration of the villagers’ support for the party of their choice. The farm’s proceeds will be used to fund the party’s activities across the country.

The youth delegation also visited the Niaminas and held in-house meetings with various UDP stalwarts.

The tour enabled the party to discuss problems confronting the party. It also helped UDP officials to share with provincial residents the country’s shockingly and appalling human rights records, rampant youth unemployment, high cost of living and revitalization of party structures across the regions.

The deliberations, held in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, were moderated by Hon. Momodou LK Sanneh who was assisted by Hon. Kemeseng Jammeh and Sainey Touray. The agenda was exhaustively discussed with high sense of impartiality and decorum.

Party faithfuls also expressed their frustration about the lack of level playing fields in Gambian elections and ended up describing participation in such bogus elections as a mere exercise in futility. Party officials have been assigned to pressure the electoral commission and the government to ensure free and fair elections.

The female youth wing of the UDP also enjoined their women folk to stay put to the lofty ideals of the party and remained committed to the principles and goals of the party. Attendants left the meeting venues with a renewed sense of purpose, determination and confidence. A commitment was made by all to redouble our efforts to make sure that the party remains a formidable force in Gambian politics in the years ahead.



  1. Good initiative guys. I hope the youths are targeted more, becus they are the future.

  2. Lafia Tours last Manju

    Well Done udp. We are all behind Darboe.