State Mumbles More Charges Against Remanded Minister

ousman-badjieState prosecutors have vehemently opposed granting bail to the former Transport Minister, saying more charges could be brought against Ousman Badjie.

Mr. Badjie remained remanded in Mile 2 Central Prisons since his firing on November 13th this year. He spent barely three months on the job before he got fired, detained and arraigned in court.

The prosecution was reacting to an affidavit filed by Aisha Badjie seeking bail application for her remanded husband.

“The applicant has served government for many years as an outstanding citizen with dignity and integrity and in various capacities such as Minister of Interior, Ambassador to Morocco, and Ambassador to France and Minister of Works,” an extract of the 22-paragraph affidavit read, assuring that the accused would neither interfere with investigation, nor jump bail.

“The applicant will in no way jump bail and will at all times present himself to this court or any other court if required to do so for trial,” Mrs. Badjie wrote in an affidavit submitted by defence lawyer Lamin Camara.

However, the prosecution argued that the accused would tamper with investigations and jump bail.

“We have just got the case diary from the investigators and upon perusal of same,” prosecutors stated in their affidavit. “There is strong and compelling prima facie evidence against the applicant, investigation into other aspects of the applicant’s activities is still ongoing.”

Justiice Simone Abi of the High Court in Banjul, who presided over the case on Wednesday, is expected to make a ruling in the next sitting.

Ousman Badjie, a former Gambian Ambassador in France, is facing economic and negligent charges.




  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    He who rides on the back of the tiger …

    • sad for people close to him though, when his word was mercilessly FINAL not so long ago on somebody’s case, he showed no mercy, be careful with people who show no revenge because karma is indeed a bitch!!!

  2. Let him stay at mile 2 till the end of the trial so that he can continue to serve his two years mandatory sentence

  3. …will surely be devoured by the tiger, unless….