Gambia's Sickening Bullying

bala-jahumpha-sThe West African nation is not only the tiniest country on mainland Africa but the Gambia has also become the Master Bully.

Since it first stole power in July 1994, the Jammeh regime has been feeding on finding faults about other countries or people as if it has no fault of its own. President Jammeh will either take the pulpit of bullying or assign one of his yes-men ministers to do the job for him. The most disturbing thing is that even the very country that surrounds the Gambia except on sea is not spared.

And from the look of things, it is apparently clear that the Jammeh administration’s blame game has worsened as evidenced in its attack on Guinea Conakry for not acknowledging the receipt of monetary donation. Who is bizarre here: the giver or the receiver? This matter could have been addressed through diplomatic channels instead of a public statement. What the Gambia wants to gain or score remains a mystery.

Read below the bizarre statement issued by the Gambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Balla Garba Jahumpa.

His Excellency the President of the Republic of The Gambia Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, issued in early September 2014, a directive that the sum of US$500,000 be remitted to the Government of the Republic of Guineain support of its effort to contain the Ebola epidemic in that country.

The funds were transferred to an account provided by the Central Bank of Guinea, which has since acknowledged receipt of this amount with gratitude, although the Government of Guinea is yet to acknowledge receipt through regular diplomatic channels.

This bizarre attitude on the side of the Government of Guinea Conakry is unfortunate and regrettable.

It could be recalled that this timely gesture of African solidarity by His Excellency the President was also extended to the Government of Sierra Leone, the receipt of which was acknowledged with gratitude by the highest Sierra Leonean authorities.



  1. The murderous kanilai lunatic is squandering our meagre resources to cleanse his blood-soaked image; Islam preaches that if you donate wilfully with your right hand the left hand shouldn’t be aware, much more publicize it like in this action of Satanic kanilai demon…??? The Gambia is having economic troubles, with the rightful peasant owners of this money struggling daily to put decent food on table for the families…?? Particularly when the finance minister is reporting of dire economic situations facing the country…?

  2. Quote from wikileaks…..” He (Jammeh) is eager to be perceived as an African Statesman, but pursues that goal through pomp, pageantry and excess, rather than through substantive achievements. ..”

    It is very important to Yaya Jammeh that his largesse is known by as many people as possible…That was the Guinean Government’s “mistake”..

    It will be inappropriate to say that Jammeh does not have the fear of Allah (swt ) in his heart, but his open Islamic posture is a fraudulent one meant to con the Gambian People, and to a certain extent, the Islamic World for obvious reasons..

    The Gambia could have expressed solidarity with the Governments of the Ebola hit countries by sending messages of condolence and support, but a cash donation of a million Dollars is inappropriate, given the dire economic situation in the country, and the fact that these are mineral exporting countries… (Guinea is perhaps the biggest exporter of bauxite in Africa and Sierra Leone has been exporting diamonds for years)..

    Unfortunately, this is what The Gambian People deserve because this is what they want and are willing to put up with for so long…Today, standing by the road side or flocking to Jammeh’s events, in the hope of getting money thrown at you, has become a national past time..

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Interesting indeed! Giving is its own reward.