Dr. Janneh Remains Unshaken By Arrest Warrant

Dr Janneh pix 3
Is Janneh and Jammeh campaigning together?

By Abdoulie John

The Coordinator of the Coalition for Change – The Gambia remains unshaken by the international warrant of arrest issued by Gambia government.

“The arrest warrant is purely a diversionary measure being used by the Gambian dictatorship to shift our attention from the insurmountable crises it is facing,” Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh said.

On November 19, a court in the Gambia issued a bench warrant for the arrest of ex-Information Minister following treason charges that were leveled against him. He is accused of distributing t-shirts bearing the slogan “JAMMEH MUST GO” with intent to usurp power.

Far from being in shock at the treason charges that the Jammeh regime leveled against him, Dr. Janneh said the warrant doesn’t change a thing as most of (them) have been on the regime’s Most Wanted List already.

He explained how the Gambia government begins to feel the heat of increased international pressure. A situation that many analysts describe as paving the way for action for Gambian opposition…

When asked whether the move taken by the Jammeh regime could be interpreted as a disguise attempt to confront Senegalese government over Gambian dissidents, Dr. Janneh said ‘dictator Jammeh’ is more concerned about the degree to which (they) have been eroding the element of fear in the Gambia.

“His tenure is founded upon instilling maximum fear amongst the Gambian populace. A new alliance of dissidents has emerged in Dakar, determined to shake the regime to end repressive rule in the Gambia.”

The tiny West African nation is often spotlighted for its poor human rights record. The Jammeh regime continues to generate headlines for continuous clamp down on freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and on the media. But a particular subject of debate is how distribution of t-shirts can rise to the level of treason.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Interpol may infact decide the warrant is un-enforceable due to lack of jurisdiction on the part of Gambia – the alleged crime was committed in Senegal. That said, Kairo readers would like the good doctor to set the record straight as to what happened at the Radisson Hotel – after all the echoing we have heard from Ebrima “Sanks Samba” Sankareh we need the record set straight.

    • This so-called bench warrant is what has been issued upon all & any who may have connections to Gambia, whether local, citizens, residents & friends since yaya jammeh & bandits in camouflage staged overthrow a legitimate civilian government, & entrenched himself in looting our state resources, terrorizing, maiming, disappearing & murdering innocent humans for his selfish aggrandizement..??? The kanilai killer’s wolf-cohorts & associates who pulled sheep faces in cloth, while they aid & abet, shall know, they too shall reckon the day…… God bless Gambia, Ameen.

      • Thank you Amadou Janneh. Many Gambians are proud of you. Continue the good work. May God bless you.

  2. Thanks janneh, you are ever an inspiration for me. God will reward you with you good work.

  3. He fears for wat happen in Burkina and is Gambia, get ready, we are coming for you jammeh but I know u will ran.