Gambia Protests Samba's Mistreatment

Jammeh and Macky
Jammeh wants Macky to punish Samba’s attackers

The Gambia government has vehemently condemned what they called “criminal attacks” on a close associate of President Yahya Jammeh.

In a statement broadcast over national television last night, the Gambia government wanted Senegalese authorities to arrest and bring to justice the criminal attackers of Mr. Amadou Samba. The business magnate was subjected to rough treatment at the hands of security officers of Sidia Bayo, a French of Gambian parents, in Dakar’s Radission Bleu Hotel on Saturday. Mr. Bayo had earlier given Mr. Jammeh an ultimatum to relinquish power or face forceful overthrow.

It was not immediately clear whether those involved in the personal attack on Mr. Samba were arrested or detained. But our sources said President Jammeh has not only only registered his anger to his Senegalese counterpart but is also sending a delegation to officially declare his demands and conerns.

One diplomatic expert warns that improper handling of such a contentious issue usually lead to diplomatic fiasco. Amadou Samba brouhaha comes at a time when suspicion is already brewing between the Gambia and Senegal.

Mr. Samba was mistreated after he was accused of spying on Mr. Bayo who was lodged in Radission Bleu Hotel at the time.



  1. One must treat such case cautiously whether they are stage managed to bring bad publicity to genuine refugees residing in Senegal . Just few days ago one Senegalese national went on to national tv urging the government to drive those refugees out of Senegal after paying a visit to jammeh in Banjul. Let’s sit and watch.

  2. I agree. Bayo must not be forgotten. he’s been media dead and might be stage managing all this to make a come back and pollute the media again. Let us remember this is a guy capable of selling anyone to Jammeh and I have no doubt he’s done it and can do it again. Be wary of snakes in green grasses. Why can’t jammeh cry to the Senegalese Govt to ban the guy if he really hates what happened to his friend and enabler? Bayo? I can’t trust.