Jammeh Dumps State House Imam

imamsGambian President Yahya Jammeh has finally dumped the Imam Ratib of State House Mosque.

Imam Alh. Abdoulie Fatty’s removal news is contained in a press statement issued by Office of the President in the capital Banjul. He was replaced by Alh. Muhammed Lamin Touray, President of the Gambia Supreme Islam Council.

“Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that Imam Abdoulie Fatty has been relieved of his services as the Imam of State House mosque with effect from Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. The Office of the President further wishes to inform the general public that Imam Muhammed Lamin Touray, the President of Supreme Islam Council has been appointed Imam of State House mosque with effect from Tuesday, November 4th, 2014.” a press release from President Jammeh’s office, relayed over national radio and television, read.

Imam Fatty, a native of Cassamance in Southern Senegal, grew up and schooled in the Gambia. He came to national prominence after his appointment as the Imam of State in 1995.

Imam Fatty, whose Friday sermons have been relayed on national radio and television, has been accused of bullying clerics w ho preach against President Jammeh’s hypocrisy. Fatty’s critics also blame him for fanning troubles for imams of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe and Kaniging mosques, Ba-kawsu Fofana and Baba Leigh, who were arbitrarily arrested, detained and severely tortured.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    19 years at State House. Amazing story he has to tell. Tried to be “independent” a dozen years ago but got taught a political lesson. I like him – came to kill sheep and bless my son’s new compound (with M Lamin Touray) in 2001 – nice relaxed photos from them Good Old Days – Baba Jobe too came later. Anyway, Imam Fatty became a virtual politician in the last ten years – the Radio Brikama stuff and all that. Happy retirement – back to Bakoteh Mosque?

  2. Papa Kumba Loum

    This is typical of Yahya Jammeh – By removing the unpopular and hated Imam, Jammeh is once again diverting all the attention and criticism on him to the erstwhile Imam. He has decided once again to give Gambians and the online papers something to occupy themselves with for the next week or so. Those who hate Imam Fatty will be very happy that he is gone. This is what Jammeh is good at. Imam Fatty like most of Jammeh’s sycophants are creatures and creation of Jammeh and they will do his bidding until their usefulness is no longer needed and then they will be dumped. Jammeh will sacrifice anyone to stay in that seat.

    • I don’t know if I’m welcome, but I want to”ride in your boat “..Agreed with your views totally…And you know something. .? We shouldn’t hold our breath if he gets invited to the “reception” (NIA) of Jammeh’s 5 star hotel..

  3. Yankuba Jobe

    One big -U- Turned from Yaya Jamme, but certainly not enough, if he really want to reconcile with the Gambians, he should set all the political prisoner free, allow all the Imams to return back to their Mosque and preach freely according to their knowledges in Islam, and allow free speech throughout the Gambia. We are not here in this world to stay forever, rather temporally, therefore, no need to torment each other unnecessarily. May Allah guide and bless the Gambia at all time..Happy Islamic New Year to all the Gambians around the globe…

  4. wa Bakoteh

    Imam to Bakoteh mosque?Oh i know people who refuse to pray behind him in the little mosque built at his in-laws compound not to speak of the Bakoteh grand mosque…Ablie was a nice man before the famous Mister President khutbah,the ablie that emerged after that,is a total different Fatty…May Allah forgive him for his sins.

  5. These cohorts of mass produced Saudi Wahhabi/Salafi students truly represent Machiavellianism in Islam. You see them across the Arab and Muslim worlds trying their best to interpret Islam according to the whims and caprices of the powers that be.
    Listening to the discredit Imam (on Freedom Radio Gambia) trying to justify his dangerous and ill-advised comments about Ahmadis in the Gambia and his laughable insistence that there was [and perhaps there still is] no problem between him and the Professor, makes him look and sound totally preposterous. He even unbelievably said that he supported the Professor on the basis of Islam. What nonsense!!!
    Was it remotely Islamic to execute 9 defenceless prisoners some of whom were convicted in Kangaroo courts presided by unqualified and dodgy mercenary judges? Is it remotely Islamic to usurp and abuse the highest seat in the land in order to control and exploit all economic and commercial opportunities of the country at exclusion of everyone else? Is it remotely Islamic to rule with impunity and force people to take part in celebration of Muslim feasts on the say so of one deluded Nasir Deen/Sheikh?
    I wonder what Imam Fatty makes of the Quran verse (5:2): “And help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression”?
    As for his replacement, I can’t see any brighter future or happy ending! Perhaps those close to him should advise him to decline the position. But I assume in the land of the Professor that is not an option.

  6. Bakoteh nko

    Aboulie fatty was the must adorable settler in Bakoteh during his Saudi days, but a big U-turn when he hardly grace the organize women of Bakoteh Gamo. He became more important than his host and at national level he mingled himself in Jammeh’s dirty politics. I felt so sorry for his family and friends.
    For Imam Lamin Touray, will you relinquish your position at your Gunjur mosque since you will be more occupied leading Jammeh’s political mosque. Now two friends turned against each other by their master who made them gracefully.

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    There used to be a very sexy dress in town that girls named about Imam Fatty. I thought that was really befitting.


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