PDOIS Doesn't Enjoy Favoritism

halifaOpposition People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has issued another reaction to comments published on Kairo News. Find below the reaction in full:


Lafia wrote:

“If PDOIS or Halifa Sallah himself wants to deny that his wife is a permanent secretary, then they must also tell us what Madam Sallah’s employment status is in the ministry then, and also a statement that she has never been a permanent secretary while married to Halifa Doudou Sallah. Let them do this and let people ascertain facts from fictions and glib.”

I did write to propose to arrange a Chat between Lafia and Halifa Sallah so that he could get the clarification required but he did not respond in the positive. He did not demand for the curriculum vitae of Dr Ida Jallow Sallah to be presented. He just said that she is a Permanent Secretary which is not true. He is still maintaining that she was Permanent Secretary before being recommended by the Government to head a Research institution like ERNWACA, covering 17 West and Central African Countries which is at variance with the truth. Professional organisations  like a Research Institute PROCESSES jobs on the basis of merit and are not influenced by any government in West or Central Africa.

Now that Lafia has asked for the Curriculum Vitae of Dr Ida Jallow Sallah I have requested for it to be forwarded to me for onward transmission to him ASAP. I hope we will make Gambia proud by engaging in decent exchanges which will make the international community to have high respect for the quality of opposition in the Gambia. We will continue to elevate the standard of the debate for the sake of the young minds.

This is why I am appointed Administrative Secretary to monitor and respond to any thing that deals with PDOIS or ask the relevant person in PDOIS to respond.

We know comparing apples with oranges is trivial and insinuating that this or that political figure is being favoured is all a sign of political impotency. The opposition should be strong to end injustice and not to promote that injustice must be perpetrated against someone before he or she is seen to be a strong opposition. The opposition could only be considered strong if it can prevent injustice being perpetrated against it with impunity.

PDOIS  is only engaged in this debate  to  teach how democratically minded political leaders would behave when they manage the affairs of the state . We intend to decriminalise speech and repeal all laws of sedition and criminal libel. Hence a person like Lafia would not be afraid to put his real name.

Finally there are those who are responding to Lafia by linking him to UDP or the Mandinka Ethno-linguistic grouping. Such people should  rethink their approach.  UDP is not managing the affairs of the state. One could not judge how it would have handled that responsibility unless one examines the policies and programmes  it proposes to implement. Hence UDP should only be mentioned by those who promote PDOIS policies if one is analysing its policies or programmes.  In terms of ethno-linguistic representation no one is elected to speak for a tribe. The best person who could promote the integrity of any group is one who could display the highest level of integrity, wisdom , honesty , humanity and justice and not hate mongers. We should leave such people to represent themselves.

As we wait for the Curriculum Vitae of Halifa Sallah’s wife I hereby forward PDOIS  POLICY ON PROTECTION OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION


The media is an instrument for the amplification or transmission of the expressed thoughts of the people, in different forms. The organic link between freedom of thought and freedom of speech, expression and the tools utilised to exercise them such as the Press and the other media,   is recognised and enshrined in all Republican constitutions.

Section 25 of the Constitution of the Gambia states:

“Every person shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression which shall include freedom of press and other media “

Those who do not understand the essence of rights are quick to assert the common sense notion that they are not absolute. Hence they consider it wise, right and proper to restrict rights without using any standard as a gauge. Human rights defenders who oppose those restrictions on the basis of established standards are considered as agents and proxies who owe allegiance, obedience or adherence to foreign powers or states and are bent on subverting constituted authority.

It is therefore important for all state and non state stakeholders to have a clear perspective of the nature of the laws that should circumscribe the exercise of rights. Modern constitutions are rooted in the principle of a social contract between state and people and people and people. This contract is defined by laws which should guide the conduct of all. This in essence connotes the rule of law.

If we want to know whether there are restrictions to rights we must find out what the contract states .In the Gambia Section 25 subsection 4 states among other things that “the freedom referred to in subsection 1  …”which includes freedom of expression “…shall be exercised subjected to the law of the Gambia in so far as the law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the rights and freedoms, thereby conferred, which are necessary in a democratic society..”

Hence no law should be enacted to circumscribe the exercise of freedom of expression and freedom of the Media which is unreasonable and unjustifiable in a democratic society.

In our view, freedom of expression and freedom of the media could only be guaranteed in a society where law makers would only make laws which are reasonably justifiable in a democratic society; a society where judicial authorities   would only enforce laws that are reasonably justifiable in a democratic society and where the people would express thoughts that are reasonably justifiable in a democratic society. PDOIS is conscious of the fact that the acculturation of a people in Republican and Democratic values   is indispensable to the fullest exercise of freedom of thought,   freedom of expression and freedom of the media. PDOIS undertakes to propagate such Republican and Democratic values in the Gambia as a permanent agenda.




Our commitment to Republican and Democratic values, which uphold the Sovereignty of the individual citizen, obliges us to focus on   building a society centred on the protection of the liberty, dignity and self worth, that is, all the fundamental rights and freedoms, of the sovereign person, by ensuring that all state institutions, agencies and natural   persons are committed to such an endeavour.



No person is sovereign who is not free to give and receive information, and who is not free from arbitrary arrest and detention. No person is sovereign who is not free from coercion, torture and fear of injustice. We are therefore committed to the eradication of all laws which hinder freedom of expression, and the nullification of all state policy directives which hinder dissemination of divergent views and dissenting opinions by the state and non state media. We are committed to the eradication of  all laws,  institutions and law enforcement practices  which hinder freedom of expression and undermine the security of the sovereign person or do not protect and enlarge the liberties, rights, security, safety and freedom of sovereign people.  We are committed to the enactment of laws, institutions and law enforcement practices which enlarge and protect rights and freedoms. We would ensure that all conventions on fundamental rights and freedoms that are ratified by parliament shall automatically be domesticated by promulgating   the relevant provision in the constitution.



Within One year of administration PDOIS plans to:

Establish a National Human Rights Commission to monitor and ensure protection against violations of Human Rights.

Institute a four-year Human Rights  Protection and Enlargement programme,  characterised by the enactment of a Freedom of information Act to remove secrecy from public administration and make the administrators accountable to the public they serve and responsive to enquiries of  the media that are supposed to keep the people informed.

Promote the establishment of a National Council of media Practitioners to serve as a self regulatory body for media practitioners which would have no judicial powers but will exercise persuasive influence aimed at promoting professionalism and integrity in the performance of duty and resolving disputes to decongest the courts and make representation to promote the welfare of media houses and practitioners.

Ensure that Human rights defenders receive maximum media coverage and protection to ensure that all violations are reported, exposed and violators named and shamed.

Reform the Criminal Code to decriminalise all provisions that are  unreasonable or unjustifiable in a Republic or Democratic society, and rationalise penalties to be equivalent to crime committed.

A sovereign person has a right to change a government, but has no right to kill and incite hatred to change a government. If he or she kills, or destroys property, he or she will be charged for killing or destroying property. Hence there will not be any need for a crime of treason under a republic and such crimes would be abrogated under a PDOIS administration.

If anyone incites hatred against another the aggrieved person could file a civil suit for damages. Hence there is no need for a crime called sedition in a sovereign Republic and such crimes would be abrogated under a PDOIS administration.

Give priority to Educate people on their fundamental rights and freedoms and creates the activist state which advocates the respect for and observance of those rights by the state institutions in particular and all natural persons in general.

Enact civil laws to address all violations of rights and freedoms, through alternative dispute resolution measures and if need be, through the courts in their civil jurisdictions.

Conduct reform of law enforcement agencies and practices.

Conduct reform of prisons and prison administration. Introduce community service as alternative to imprisonment as measures to eradicate retributive justice. Since no sovereign citizen would choose to occupy a government post of a killer of killers the death penalty would be abolished and life imprisonment maintained as the severest punishment for a crime.

Establish a National Police Service Commission to exercise direction and control over the police force.

Transform Imams of Major mosques and Priests of major churches, Union leaders and leaders of registered civil societies or associations into honorary human rights commissioners and social auditors who could visit jails, prisons and other places of detention to check conditions and make representation for compliance with the laws or propose improvement or reforms in the administration of public institutions such as prisons.

Ensure Speedy court appearance to serve as guarantee against forced confession through torture or other forms of duress.

Ensure that Courts take judicial notice of any detention beyond the 72 hours established by the constitution, for a person to be held without count the act as duress.


Suwaibou Touray

Administrative Secretary


PDOIS Secretariat


  1. Lafia, Lafia, Lafia, LEAVE MY BROTHER HALIFA JALLOW-SALLAH, HIS WIFE & HIS PARTY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am out of here until 2015 – because Bax, Dawda and Co. will be discussing this mind-boggling PDOIS stuff through to Christmas!

  2. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida, interestingly enough the subject is about Halifa Sallah and his wife’s high fly career at the ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, not PDOIS.

    Marie Njie is right, Halifa is misusing PDOIS to protect his cossy nexus with the jammeh regime because madam Sallah might wish to go back to the ministry when her term ended.

    I haven’t responded yet. So let nobody take this one as my response to PDOIS. This is just to acknowledge my good Nothinghill friend, Dida (suun Gann gi)


  3. Good work Suwaibou, Lafia should unmasked himself, come clean with an open mind, nonconclusive and ready to be engage. PDOIS will always clarify in good faith, and will not be driven by personal sentiments.

  4. Dida, this is baffling even more. PDOIS are acting as if we are dealing with a normal political dispensation. What a load of unnecessary junk. Who wouldn’t be able to write everything they are attempting to pass off as a solution. This is what you call route one football. Dictatorship don’t give a damn about ideologue debates. It is the one thing they enjoy. The system in the Gambia need confrontation not lectures. God help us. PDOIS have so much time.

  5. Cool bring the CV too. I am just wondering why?

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Sulayman Bah, are you denying that Halifa Sallah’s wife had a high flying career at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education?? Let me know your position.

    Also, if you agree that Madam Sallah was indeed a high flyer at the ministry, having rose through the ranks within the last decade, please tell why this was possible when others are been sacked on hounded out of their jobs because of the nexus with opposition figures in the country?? This is the question all needs to find answers for.

    I haven’t responded yet.


  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    In 2011 when Halifa was busy dividing the opposition for Jammeh, Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah was bringing home a fat salary and per diems from her travels. She was at the time a Principal Education Officer. Do you want to deny that too, Sulayman Bah???


    • Lafia, you just don’t need answers to your questions. You also do need a little bit of enlightenment. I need one favour from you, put up an article that includes all your doubts on PDOIS or Halifa, and don’t forget to use your real identity including a picture. You will be engage in a matured and professional way. You will not get my opinion on the issues raised, untill you do that. Thanks from your Torodo Shephered.

  8. She is a Gambian citizen, highly qualified, probably very competent and has every right to take up employment with either the state or elsewhere. …
    It is not her fault if others cannot hold their jobs….No is it her husbands fault who Jammeh government decide to hound/sack. …By the way, we don’t even know when they were supposed to have been hounded out of their jobs…Care to tell us now..

    • Lafia what you should be concern of as a genuine critic and Gambian for that matter is let Dr. Ida Sallah’s political inclination not impair her efficiency in the discharge of official function and whether she is qualified enough to handle position she is assigned. But giving references to those that get sacked because of their alleged ties with the UDP is for lack of better words naive. It is evident from your posting on the social media that you have an open hatred for Halifa and by extension PDOIS for that matter because they refused to buy into the idea of a UDP-led alliance and their that stance cannot be change by any amount of criticisms either overtly or covertly the earlier you realize the better for to stop wasting your time and write on the way-forward for the UDP as the PDOIS ‘fanatics’ are doing.

  9. Sulayman, don’t take Lafia seriously. He has one and only one agenda: whatever it takes to tarnish the good name and impeccable political and social standing of the honorable Halifa Sallah. The reason: he adamantly believes that Halifa is responsible for denying Lawyer Darboe the Gambian presidency, and for not supporting the UDP to come to power. This is the source of the hatred and animosity.

    He has been on this campaign since the failed NADD debacle. PDOIS should not waste any more time with him.

  10. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bax, Dr Boro Suso, is highly qualified too but sacked from his job because of his close friendship with Lawyer Ousainu Darboe. Even the court system was unable or reluctant to hear him let alone given the remedy he deserves. Why is Madam Sallah different??? This is the fundamental question PDOIS’s admin secretary still haven’t answered. Can you tell us why???


    • Lafia…

      Put Dr Boro Suso aside….Tell us when Darboe’s wife was hounded/removed from her position.

      If what you claim about Dr Boro Suso is true, then I.will say that it is unfortunate and unlawful, but neither Halifa, nor his wife are to blame…Nor too, are they to blame for the many alleged “politically motivated sackings” you keep mentioning..

      As for whether PDOIS is a ‘real opposition’ or not, may be you should first tell us what is your definition of a “real opposition party” in The Gambia..?

      (1)…Is it dependent on.the actions of Yaya Jammeh or the actions of the opposition parties.?

      (2)…If it is dependent on the actions of the parties (as it should be), I would again challenge you, to tell us what your real opposition party/parties is/are doing to oppose APRC that PDOIS is not doing….

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Sulayman Bah has chicken out with a distraction tactics. That’s what people with nothing to say actually do. They find an exit strategy and off they go. Well done Sulayman.

    And by the way, I have no Sheperd let alone a Torodo Sheperd. That is just your term.


  12. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Sulayman Bah has chicken out with a distraction tactics. That’s what people with nothing to say actually do. They find an exit strategy and off they go. Well done Sulayman.

    And by the way, I have no Sheperd let alone a Torodo Sheperd. That is just your term.


  13. Lafia Touray la Manju

    “Put Dr Boro Suso aside….Tell us when Darboe’s wife was hounded/removed from her position.”-bax

    1. PDOIS does not wish to deny this claim for they know as a matter of fact, Darboe’s wife was the principal of Hotel School and that she loose the job thanks to her husband’s politics.

    2. Amadou Sanneh’s wife also loose her job because of her husband’s politics

    3. Landing Jallow Sonko’s wife was a principal education officer in the same ministry madam Sallah was working. She lost her job thanks to her husband’s political leaning. Ebrima pesseh Njie’s sister also suffered the same fate.

    4. Notwithstanding these systematic political persecution in the civil/public service (the list is not exhaustive), madam Sallah, a wife of an opposition leader was able to keep a high flying career at one of Jammeh’s ministry.

    The question is; who in his right mind will believe a wife of a real opposition leader in today’s Gambia is able to pursue a successful top career in one of jammeh’s ministries against all the everyday self evident facts???? There is no other explanation and certainly, no one can reasonably buy your cheap subterfuge given what obtains in Gambia today.

    It’s not about competence or rights as none of that matters when it comes to jammeh’s politics and everybody knows that well.

    I have mentioned the institution Darboe’s wife was service as the principal and there is nothing stopping you from making your own investigation just like I did in madam sallah’s case using my gambian connection as a citizen. Suffice it to say, that issue is not in contention as it is an established fact and has been for more than a decade now.


  14. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Alhagi Jobe, is that all you can do; employing distraction tactics?? Anyway, I don’t know what you talking about and that means I have no reason to respond.


  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    It is now clear from the postings above that PDOIS’s supporter are now conceding the fact that madam Sallah was indeed a high flying career civil servant, something they were initially all denying. The truth is winning over deception and hypocrisy, guys. All makes me proud of myself. This one is called Madam Sallahgate.


  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    And by the way, bax, why do you want Dr Suso’s issue to be put aside?? Is is because it is more recent and therefore fresh in people’s memories or that you are indifferent to that injustice as long as madam Sallah was spared?? You cannot manipulate this debate, my friend.


  17. Lafia,
    I think Alhagy Jobe is making a simple valid point (in typical PDOIS long-winded fashion – hahaha!):

    In short, Alhagy meant to say:
    “Lafia, let love, not hate dwell in your heart! Accentuate the positive by working hard for UDP – and minimise the negative by letting the PDOIS zealots be”!
    Am I correct, Comrade Alhagy?

    Lafia, what is this mumbo-jumbo: “Dida (suun Gann gi)”? If it is the same as “Nusurul Deen” I reject it! Translate it into Swahili for me.

    • Lafia anybody having the relevant characteristics of a reasonable and sober person will fathom what i meant. Your deep rooted hatred for PDOIS and Halifa for that matter doesn’t stem from the employment of Dr. Ida Jallow Sallah far from that and even if she should resign or get sacked as you wished you have other tactics to employ to accuse him and PDOIS being collaborators. My brother jealousy and hatred will take you nowhere so many potentials Gambians including the regime sympathizers got dismissed for unexplained reasons is better you talk on the UPD’s programs, strategies and policies to lead The Gambia than engaging in fruitless exercise 2016 is just at the corner. If only you will reveal your identity it will be proven that you owe political education to PDOIS.

      • The only regret i have is that in so far as the Administrative Secretary of PDOIS reserves the rights to dispel malicious vile slanders, lies false accusation and misconceptions against PDOIS and its personalities, he should request that those responsible for making such hocus-pocus disclose their true identities to be properly responded to and handled for posterity as the way lawyer DARBOE was responded to handled by HALIFA when he commented on the disintegration of NADD, how both HAMAT BAH and OJ JALLOW were responded to and handled when they commented on the reasons for the dismal performance of the opposition in the elections. If not for anything you have made this LAFIA appear relevant when he is just another hoity-toity who deserves no response from the PDOIS executive no matter the volumes of his trash.

        • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

          Actually Alhagy, there is something to be said for anonymity. Then people address ISSUES raised, not attack the messenger. I am sure PDOIS is more than capable of handling Lafia’s “hocus-pocus”!

  18. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida(Gann), well it is not about hate or love but the facts at play. Of course people like Alhagi Jobe who do not like these facts known to the wider electorate, will make it look like it is a hate campaign. And Of course, I foresaw that and the slurs thrown at my integrity by other PDOIS posters but do I care???? Absolutely not. I want to made a point and I have already made it.

    Anyway, I don’t know what he was talking about and was not going to be derailed by the distraction tactics he borrowed from bax and kamalo.


  19. Lafia Touray la Manju

    “Lafia, what is this mumbo-jumbo: “Dida (suun Gann gi)”? If it is the same as “Nusurul Deen” I reject it! Translate it into Swahili for me.”

    Nothing derogatory Dida. You know you changed your username to Gann, a Wollof term for stranger/visitor. Suun Gann Gi means (a Wollof term) our stranger/visitor. That’s all it is, my friend.

    I didn’t know that you are more sensitive than Halifa Sallah lol!!


    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      OK then Lafia, I accept the title – though I like the brouhaha with which the Griot offered it on the other site! But no more please – otherwise my titles will soon be longer than Halifa Jallow-Sallah’s signature (the only thing longer than Mr. Jallow-Sallah’s signature in The Gambia is King Kanilai 1’s official title – honestly).

      Sensitive or not , we will be asking why you, a Mandingo die-hard, is using Wollof? Also you argue like a die-hard PDOIS member. These PDOIS guys are smart – they will soon unmask you. They may even think you are their renegade Trotskyite Comrade Pa Samba Jow!

    • If Dr. BORO SUSO of the UDP feels that he has a genuine case against the UTG on a balance of probabilities and he has exhausted the domestic remedy without getting justice and is still interested in his job why not go beyond the shores and seek for international remedy?

  20. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Alhagi Jobe is at pains. Oh dear!!!

    Sorry poor Alhagi Jobe but the truth got to be told. Halifa Sallah is not a genuine opposition. He is a regime collaborator hell-bent on dividing the opposition for Jammeh. His reward for that was a high flying career for his beloved wife, Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah aka Buuka Halifa Sallah de tuda ndorrr Seriegn Ababacarr Sey Dabakh.


    • Lafia….

      Did you say that you are proud of yourself.? Are you really..? I doubt it very much……. Otherwise, you would not have been hiding behind the security of anonymity, if you were..It’s not that I object to anonymity. ..I think it is a good thing for the on line crowd…

      Anyway, I asked to leave Dr.Boro Suso out because he is a private citizen, not married to any public figure. .

      As has already been pointed out to you, many private citizens have suffered the sack or other forms of unlawful/unfair treatment, including regime die-hards and a handful of Jammeh’s relatives. …You can read whatever you want from these sackings, but without proof (eg..dismissal letter or newspaper article), which you have so far failed to provide, your allegations will be, and should be viewed as, the expressions of a bitter and aggrieved person, hell bent on revenge through slander and insinuations. …

      I have never claimed to have “sources” in The Gambia, so I would not have any information that is not on the net, my usual source and I couldn’t find a single story about the sacking of Darboe’s wife…That’s why I said I was surprised that such a high profile sacking was missed by our press…I should think that there is no harm.in.you providing us with a source to verify the claim…Why the reluctance..?

      You wrote and I quote….”Suffice it to say, that issue is not in contention as it is an established fact and has been for more than a decade now.”

      It would seem, from above, that Mrs Darboe lost her position around 2003/2004, if it’s been ” for more than a decade…” If that is the case, and due to the fact that Darboe assumed leadership of UDP almost two decades ago, two possibilities become apparent…

      (1)…If Mrs Darboe had held that position before 1994, through 1996 (when Darboe became UDP Leader) and to around 2003/2004,she would have been holding that position.under the Jammeh regime whilst her husband was an.opposition leader…

      (2)…If she had held the position after 1994, through 1996 to around 2003/2004, she would have been appointed by the Jammeh regime, and possibly, whilst her husband was leader of the UDP. ….

      Therefore, if we go by your “criteria” of what a “real opposition” is, it would seem that Lawyer Darboe was not a “real opposition” at certain periods of his leadership, whilst his wife held a.position under the Jammeh administration. ..

      May be you want to explain that to the audience..

      • Since we are talking about “real” opposition parties or not, you should be able.to.tell.us your definition and understanding of what constitutes “An Opposition Party” in The Gambia….That’s when we could gauge and determine which is “real” and which is not…

        Also, don’t forget to tell us what parties like UDP, NRP, GMC, GPDP are doing to oppose Jammeh, which entitles them to being labelled “real opposition”, that PDOIS is not doing….

        Isn’t the source of.your anger, bitterness and hatred plain for all to see when.you brand Halifa a “regime collaborator hell bent on dividing the opposition. ..?”

        PDOIS has a position on.the type of coalition to form, just as the UDP…I.don’t know what progress has been made so far, to narrow these differences and adopt a common agenda, but as far as I know, none accepts the other’s position..

        Why should PDOIS’s rejection of UDP position be equated as divisive and collaborative (with the regime), whilst UDP’s rejection of PDOIS position is not seen in the same way…That is hypocrisy, because both rejections hinder the prospect of “unity”…And please don’t start me.on.this foolish “Universal Norm” BS. ..

  21. Lafia Touray la Manju

    ” If Dr. BORO SUSO of the UDP feels that he has a genuine case against the UTG on a balance of probabilities and he has exhausted the domestic remedy without getting justice and is still interested in his job why not go beyond the shores and seek for international remedy?”- Bamba

    How does that happen in the world that we live in, Bamba??

    You see; this is the kind of none sense that put off people from engaging people like you. Where have you heard a domestic employment issue been arbitrated by an international court or tribunal?? Under which international status or treaty instrument does this happen??? You need to go and get education from a respectable institution of higher learning rather than relying on Halifa’s declaration that PDOIS’s talibehs don’t need to go to college or university. Do you know that Halifa sponsored his wife’s education at the university extension programme and beyond??? You are a fool!!


    • Lafia you have swallowed my bait and i will engage you head-on. Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunal for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. Article 10 everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal in the determination of his rights and obligations and any criminal charge against him. Article 23 everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Is this not what Dr. BORO SUSO is being denied of? The Ecowas Community Court established in 1991 and The Gambia being a signatory has jurisdiction to hear inter alia individual complaints of alleged Human Rights Violations from any member state and has heard same, since 2005 by an act of a Principle codified by a 2005 ECOWAS Supplemental Protocol.It is my contention that domestic employment can give rise to Human Rights Violations as to in which world i have seen it, is in this planet Earth and for your reference, see the case of SERAP V Nigeria Judgement ECW/CCJ APP 0808 OCT-2009. The ECC comprise four courts which includes a Human Rights court for your info. If not for lack of space and going out of topic i would have lectured you on Judicial Precedent and the principle of stare decisis. Which respectable institution of higher learning did you get your education that you did not know about the above? I am not envious of that institution if any.

  22. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    In fact Lafia, your “hocus pocus” should have been ignored. The overkill reaction from PDOIS does make one wonder.

  23. Lafia, when I used my clans title Torodo, I thought you would be smart enough to suspect my personality. I have wanted to use my Torodo sacred stick to rescue your sinking ship, without using my lion chasing cutlass.
    In short, even if you used the basic principles of trite law, you have not/cannot prove that Ousanou`s wife and others employment terminations are for political reasons.
    Hence a genuine critic will try to find out that, was their employers a public or private sector company`s or institution`s?
    Did they or their educated husbands file a suit at the industrial tribunal for unlawful terminations? and what were the terms and conditions of their employments? These are some of the information the readers will like to know from you.
    Lafia, you don’t need to start celebrating to call your claims of PDOIS`s political favouritsm a fact.
    Only Halifa and Aunty Aida, can provide you with substantive answers to your accusations, even if some of us may know the facts surrounding this subject matter.
    Can you answer this question, If you dont approves the APRC government, Will you not allow your well educated wife to serve the Gambian people? If the answer is yes, then you are a DICTATOR and an IGNORANT husband.
    Lafia, you still have to prove that the wives of others were in employment, and are dismissed for political reasons.
    You still need to substantiate that Dr. Sallah is enjoying political favouritsm because the reasons advanced are only speculative.
    Henceforth The Torodo Shepered is advising you to get your facts right, before you would be put in septic tank.

  24. “ Anyway, I don’t know what he was talking about and was not going to be derailed by the distraction tactics he borrowed from bax and kamalo.”

    Lafia, in the Godfather mover part 11 when Michael Corlene wanted to establish legitimacy and move away from the criminal world, he was sucked right back in with the unfolding of events resulting in an attempt on his life. He thus famously remarked that when he tried to retire they sucked him right back in.

    I have already given up on you. You have sucked me right back in.

    Without any shadow of doubt I have shown why you are so obsess with Halifa in particular and PDOIS in general. You have the motive and the conviction to carry on with your malicious campaign ad infintum.

    I am not playing that game with you. The only reason I challenge you is the deceptive campaign you have masterminded and has been propagating about a UDP party led coalition and supposedly a UDP coalition/alliance government. Nobody heard from you again on these issues. You dare not raise them again on this forum. As PDOIS has famously remarked in the past: Deception is no longer possible.

    Talk about distraction; you are the very epitome of distraction because that is all what you do. Your voice is very distinct, loud and clear. It cannot be mistaken for anyone else. A UDP fanatic.

    I wonder why Bax still wants to rationalize things with you. That is beyond your scope and understanding. You want to be in the gutter and drag everyone else along with you.

    I am here waiting for you to talk about the issues.

    • LAFIA i am not the least at pain and i am at peace with myself and i don’t want you to be apologetic either. I just want to broaden your narrow mind and widen your scope of understanding and reasoning to enliven the exchanges on this media. Back to the issue, for all those wives and sister that you mentioned as been dismissed because of their affiliation to the UDP, whose husband and brother is more politically active, critical of the regime’s policies, programs and actions than PDOIS and HALIFA? It is evident from the analysis by BAX that lawyer DARBOE was also at one point a collaborator from the context of your definition of a collaborator. What is your take on that? You see liars should have good memories. SULAYMAN BAH and BAX i cannot agree with you any further and you have earned my respect.


    Dida Halake proclaiming cyber name “Luntango Suun Gann Gi”, STOP MEDDLING IN PETTY ISSUES & CHOOSING TO BE A HYPOCRITE!

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Dawda says “Petty Issues”. Luntango says “Precisely my point!”

      Why, Dawda, is PDOIS going nuts about ‘petty issues’ to the point of wanting to send Madam Halifa Jallow-Sallah’s CV to KairoNews for publication???!!! Mad.

      • PDOIS is doing right thing to exposed the false accusations, deception, blatant lies and malicious vile slanders.

  26. DICTIONARY.COM DEFINES “hypocrite”

    1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Damn Dawda! What got your goat? This? “In fact Lafia, your “hocus pocus” should have been ignored. The overkill reaction from PDOIS does make one wonder”.

      You PDOIS guys need to CHILL a bit, Bro!

  27. These guys have lot of time in their hands. Lafia, please don’t waste your precious time with them. Most Gambians know that PDIOS is not the solution to our problems and they never bother to engage them any way. They prefer to see that Yaya continues to abuse and brutalize Gambians everyday as long as it doesn’t affect them. Their biggest threat is UDP and not APRC. That is why they come out with very crazy ideas that any sensible person will not accept. If you cannot eat the food put sand in it so that nobody can eat it. Yaya never respect the Gambian constitution nor did he care about ECOWAS constitution. His government was brought several times to the ECOWAS and judgements were made against him. He never complied and continue to ignore the courts. Why bother to take him there again.


    Madam Ida Jallow Sallah would have sued if anonymous liar’s ID (true name revealed) if you are bold enough ready to proof the malicious allegations to any level and not want to be seen as COWARD!


  29. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Dawda, stop being silly! Halifa and Madam are public figures and Lafia’s comments have protection under Article 10.

  30. This is a very serious LIBEL CASE and PDOIS rest its case!

  31. This is a very serious LIBEL CASE and PDOIS is advised to rest its case; until culprit is exposed to consider any appropriate action to address it!

  32. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Before you rush to court Dawda, seek proper legal advice from Lawyer Ousainou Darboe – rather than depend on the Blah Blah Blah you get from PDOIS. You know what happened last time (lol)

    • Then why Lawyer Mariam Denton lost her libel case, Femi Peters let down and Amadou Sanneh languishing in jail?


  33. Papa Kumba Loum

    I have never been this entertained for a long time. Are you guys really serious. Anyway a warning to Lafia,- be careful of making known your true identity. I am not saying this because of the potential threat of a libel law suit against you but because of sniper fire from the PDOIS camp. Well Lafia and if you survive any assassination attempts, be rest assured that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The ECOWAS Court, The African Commission in Gambia and the African Court on Human & Peoples’ Right in Arusha Tanzania is waiting for you. Lafia (the Mandingo warrior) you have been warned. Leave PDOIS and its leadership, their wives and mistresses and supporters alone. You are staring a war that will never end. In fact I believe that you are lucky in that PDOIS is a true socialist party and they do not subscribe to any religious doctrines otherwise they would have employed the services of ISIS to not only cut off your offensive fingers to stop you typing these libelous words but your head would have been decapitated as well to save us from your “Anti-PDOIS sentiments and ideas”.
    My suggestion to Musa Saidykan is for him to organise a reconciliation meeting between the PDOIS camp and UDP supporters. We have to nip this potential political war in the bud before it gets out of hand. Please Mr Dauda and Demba my role here is a peace maker so please spare me this time of all those adjectives describing my character, nature and disposition camp; Mr Dida or whatever you call yourself these days, stop fanning these political war between PDOIS and UDP. PEACE TO ALL GAMBIANS

  34. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Libel, Slander, Defamation! Pa Kumba Loum how can you charge me, the peace-maker???? The very first posting is mine – calling for peace. Now I will have to hire Lawyer Darboe to sue Pa Kumba Loum!

  35. Luntango Suun Gann Gi You are trying to be relevant and getting attention on this thread.

    Hot topic relates with peddling malicious lies, ” slander, defamation of character & libellous, ” anonymously! Let Lafia be bold to reveal his true ID and be ready to defend himself ON A VERY SERIOUS LIBEL CASE. He cannot get away with this malicious slander hiding under anonymity