Kairo News Hit A Million

KAIRONEWS 2We’re Grateful To You All

It is time for us to thank our highly committed community of readers and listeners who made a million hits a reality last Sunday. You are simply awesome bunch of esteemed patriots. We’re grateful to you all!

When Kairo News and Radio came into existence 7 months ago, most people, including our friends and colleagues thought we were a bunch of wishful thinkers because the Gambia’s online media market is saturated and that there was no room left open. Some kept telling us that we were set to fail. We disagree with these Prophets of Doom and quickly set the ball rolling. With a unique style, skill and good sense of judgment hinging on respect for human rights, our values, cultures, democracy and the rule of law, our Editorial Board allowed the rest to determine the future. As talibes (students) of Napoleon Hills, the author of Science of Success, we closed the door of fear behind us to allow the door of faith open in front of us. Our ability to defeat the fear of uncertainty started paying off so well that our Prophets of Doom accepted that we have beaten their imagination. We are glad that most of these people have told us how wrong they were. As believers, what more choice do we have other than forgive those who badmouth us and even attempted to tear us down, calling us names.

We are proud of using our platform to provoke vital debates and discussions while at the same time paying keen attention to our traditions, cultures and unique Gambianness. Our aim is never to ‘throw away the baby with the bath water’. Meaning we will not deliberately violate our ethics and principles for any reason.

The controversial Pan-Africanist, Dida Halake, had drawn our attention to the fact that Kairo News hits a million genuine visits. “Congrats on hitting 1,000,000. Kairo radio hit a million visitor, and tangible visitors not fake,” Dida wrote to us.  Thanks for that keen observation Dida.

This development comes at a time when readers of online media are expressing concern over the inflated and fake number counts in some Gambian online newspapers. This is glaringly clear by the contrasting difference between the overall count and the article read counts. Within an hour of publishing an article, some online press will register 1,500 reads, some even more, whether the article is critical, uncritical or is a human interest article. Media practitioners know the kind of articles that generate the reader’s interest. This kind of articles are not necessarily important or relevant to any cause, but they are categorised as ‘red tops’ cheap and dealing with the private lives of others.

To the reader, the number is minor since there are ‘plugins’ which are used by some newspapers to corrupt the hit counter. We will not, under any circumstances, be coaxed into this type of cheating. As professionals from diverse fields, our mantra is to strive hard to add meaning, flvour and value to our radio and newspaper content. Since we came into being, through the help of our readers and audience, we have been able to remain not only creative but also intrigue the minds of our people by diffusing controversial issues. We receive accolades on a daily basis for doing our best to intoxicate our community of readers and listeners with “unrivalled service.”

The people behind Kairo News and Radio success are all seasoned individuals whose humility and dedication compel them to maintain discipline and calmness in everything Gambian. Kairo News sudden success is all due also to invaluable advise our esteemed listeners provide. Some listeners will contact us, expressing the use of alternative ‘words or phrase’ if what they heard on radio is unpalatable. One such occasion arises when the word ‘bataro’ which links the failures, callousness or inhuman acts of sons to their mothers was objected to by a listener in Germany. He advise people appearing on radio should use rather alternative words which will not demean women.

Our successes can be attributed to a lot of factors, particularly to the high level programming, promoting our traditions, democratic dispensation as well as creating the platform where contentious and relevant subjects are discussed in an intellectual, mature and sober manner. This is why we have oreceived over 2,000 comments venting their thoughts in our comment section.

We will uphold the highest ethics of ‘doing onto others as we will do onto ourselves’. We will not use our medium to be abusive, rude, uncaring and lacking empathy and going overboard in attacking the personalities of people. Let’s discuss issues that concern us as a country, a society or community. Together we can make the difference in the lives of our people wherever they are.



  1. Congrats indeed on a galant achievement. More grease to your elbow.

  2. Even though there were lots of online news papers before you I prefer yours to all of them. Please keep up the good work you are doing

  3. Well done good sons of Mother Gambia. You’re exceptional, professional and cultured. You’re our hope. May Allah protect Agenda Shapers.

  4. I prefer you guys for your discipline and tolerance. That’s what people with clear mission do. Keep steering the wheel, we will always be riding with you. Congrats!

  5. Alfusainey Jarju

    Kairo has intoxicated me, I can’t go with it.

  6. I call you guys reformers who come to help us better understand ourselves. U are definitely not Koronews as some arrogant people jealous of your success may want to characterize you. We know who is who.


  8. Congratulations for achieving this milestone; And many thanks to your interactive readership who made this possible, as well as your sense of fairness in publishing their opinions even when some of these opinions disagree with your editorial positions. May Allah guide you to continue on the path of courageousness and truthfulness.

  9. Thank you Kaironews for the success. Continue on the path you are following because it is the right path. I am very proud of your service to the Gambian people. Thanks again. God bless.

  10. No.surprises…You are a top quality paper…Congrats and well done….May your selfless efforts be well rewarded. ..

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Congrats kaironews. Through your medium, I am able to debate almost all gauchy subjects and issues affecting The Gambian society and admiring people like Papa Kumba Loum whom I have never met.

    I am loving it here.


  12. Congrats

  13. Congrats; please keep up the ethical reporting.

  14. A quitter never wins – and a winner never quits.

  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I am particularly grateful to kaironews for giving me the platform to combat the rising trend of mandinkaphobia in Gambian politics. More needs to be done to nib this problem to the bud as we manden (full of humour and dignity) are not responsible for anybody’s low self esteem in The Gambia. Therefore, pathetic mandinkaphobics in power and within the opposition must not continue to think that they can take out their lows on mandinkas. We are not having that anymore.


  16. Kairo news team congrats for the hard work, resources invested and shared with public.

  17. Anytime we hear these claims and terms “rising trend in mandinkaphobia in Gambian politics” and “pathetic mandinkaphobics” they are yours Lafia Touray La Manju. Its your own rhetoric and repeated threats here. Its your own inferior complex and personal problem! Lol

  18. Plugins Suntou? It cannot be done! People either read your articles or not which generates hits. Congratulations on your success.

  19. Neneh definitely needs schooling. A lot of fake plugins are out there on the internet. They have security problems though. So Suntou is on right track.

  20. Which planet is Neneh living? Please ask if you don’t know or are in doubt before you stumble.

  21. Congratulations to the management and, especially, the editorial and programming team of Kairo. In this desert of thick forests and deep seas, meaningful survival has to be merited. You’ve added quality and balance to our fledgling media circus and you deserve commendation. Most importantly, you uphold and embolden Gambianness, culture and tradition, with candid, audacious frankness, with utmost civility. We all have stake in our little Gambia and you have been doing your part. Thank you and congratulations. No room for complacency, so the maturing, diverse community of Gambian consumers are legitimately very demanding.

  22. Congratulations. All the best for the future kairo radio/news. A very noble job you are doing.