‘Islam Is Not A Play Card’

Imam Ceesay with family outside Detroit Islamic Center in Michigan

Islam is a serious religion with clear teachings and principles set for Muslims to follow, which is why people must not use the religion as their play card.  “Language never makes anybody a good Muslim.”

The above statement is contained in the Eid-ul-Adha sermon of Detroit Imam. “The world is seeing a lot of blood shedding, with emerging Islamist groups beheading human beings,” Imam Ratib of Detroit Islamic Center, Momodou Ceesay, told a congregation on Saturday.

“There are so many tragedies happening around the world; people are killing people in wrongful ways using the name of Islam, which is unacceptable.” He said these killers claim to be Muslims, although they know there is no compulsion in Islam. “Allah told Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him] that he was not sent to compel people because he was only a servant of Allah. He advised him to take his case to Allah who condemns spilling of innocent blood for whatever cause.”

Imam Ceesay said the killers are not representing Muslims or Islam, which is a very serious business.

“Those who behead their fellow human beings without justifiable reasons must not call themselves Muslims,” he preached, reminding the congregation to understand that they can only be good Muslims provided they surrender to Islam with clean hands. “That is exactly what Prophet Muhammed told a group of Arabs who held themselves high.”

Imam Ceesay, also an anchor of Kairo Radio’s religious affairs, dispelled the widely held belief in the Middle East that United States created problems for the region. “These people blame the US policy when they are killing themselves. Why don’t they apportion the blame on those leaders who created these groups who now turned against them?” He said Islamist terrorists have posed threats to all Muslims across the world.

Imam blamed the US for messing up Palestinian crisis. He exhorted Muslims to read and understand their religion and follow its teachings. He congratulated the US for its emergency response of sending 3,000 to help fight against deadly Ebola.


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