Col. Sarr: The Devil Who Knows Too Much

samBy Suntou Touray

“If you are willing and ready to be an effective human campaigner, then cut out the number of people you chat with freely. Whatever we utter – in camera or in public – can be used against us.” Suntou

What Does Samsudeen Sarr know? Did anyone remember his palaver with Ebrima Chonghan few years ago? The palaver turned nasty, with Sarr going bazooka with personal revelations and detailed intimate chats. The former Army Commander’s bazooka is his pen, which he uses well to tear people down. It is therefore not surprising that he takes a similar naughty road.

Sam Sarr was wheeled out from his idle mode by our brother Pa Nderry M’bai. Now that Sam Sarr has finally bowed down to President Jammeh and wishes to reunite with the dictator, what should people do. Sam Sarr is now hell-bent on soiling the image of people. He wants to do this by revealing his private knowledge of key individuals in the struggle. His attack on Baba Leigh and others must not be a subject of discussion, since it will cause more harm than good, which blaminltimate goal of defector Sarr.

Sam Sarr wishes to achieve few things. Let us remember the Quranic story of Satan aka Ibliss. After the downfall of Ibliss from the highest ranking Angel position, he vowed to destroy and corrupt every human soul. That battle is still on and will never cease until the world comes to an end. This battle has been lost long since because of our thirst to attain happiness, enjoyment, seek worldly tittles, power, glory, success, pride etc. Sam Sarr is therefore a talibe of Ibliss.

Some people have taken the villain Sam Sarr as their confidant and in so doing armed him with damaging missiles capable of assassinating the characters of decent people in the Struggle against Jammeh Dictatorship. He is well armed to throw mud into the eyes of the dissident activist movement members. News from the grapevine is blaming the Gambia ‘s foreign mission in Washington for arming Sam with personal information of certain individuals. The goal muddy the waters when provoked by influential dissidents.

I am a bit taken aback by Editors that accorded Sam Sarr the space to attack Imam Leigh’s personality. Not that the Imam is beyond criticism, but a personal attack, especially emanating from a traitor should be a piece of junk. It is highly advisable for Imam Baba Leigh to leave Sam Sarr alone. Our society is petty in many ways, and whatever Sam Sarr said – whether partly true or false – will be carried on by people who cannot distinguish facts from fiction. Petty people like Sam Sarr know that very well.

The best ammunition against the devil is avoid stepping on its foot path. Sam Sarr is now a damaged good and  will attempt to damage anyone who upsets him. On that note, let us all bid him farewell and allow him a happy re-union with his Comrade AJJ Jammeh under whose leadership crocodiles are well fed, sometimes on human flesh, while majority of Gambians go to bed with hunger.

The Gambia’s foriegn and Intelligence services in Washington are working hard to trap Gambians thanks to Omar Faye’s efforts. He is working hard to penetrate the Gambian community, creating artificial sympathy for President Jammeh. Along the way, they have compiled a dossier of lies against the personalities of certain individuals. Let the media be on the watch. Junk their rubbish to spare the dignity of innocent faces of our Struggle.

I cannot conclude this piece without oferring my personal advice to Imam Baba Leigh. Please get out of the ring and fast so we can battle it out with Sam Sarr. The Venerable Imam, this is our show. Let Sam throw everything he can fabricate at us. He is like a totally damaged good that is not worth anything. It is too late for anyone to change or remould him. The only thing he is capable of doing is to throw his last kicks.



  1. Thank you Suntu, for bringing the issue of Sam Sarr ( Rtd colonel ) on Kaironews. This gives us the opportunity to have our say too…And I want to say a few things…

    I hold the view that individuals have the right to choose what they want to do in their lives,and should be free to do so, without fear of abuse, persecution or prosecution, as long as they do not break any laws…I do not think that Rtd. Col.Sarr has broken any laws by choosing to reconcile with Yaya Jammeh and his government. ..

    However, having read some of his comments on Gambia L, which is being serialised in Freedom, as well as his book about the coup, I have an observation to make….

    Rtd.Col Sarr made some very serious and damning allegations against certain members of the GNA, including Council Members, and being what I will call an “insider” at the time, with access to authentic and credible sources, I have no doubt whatsoever, that he was telling the truth….

    Whilst I do not see any problems with Rtd colonel Sarr seeking reconciliation with Jammeh and his government, I find it very hard to understand why he had to seek “forgiveness” for telling the truth…

    Even more baffling is the fact that of such standing, with such experience and intelligence, would view his revelations about events during those turbulent times as being personally offending to Yaya Jammeh, such that he had to seek his (Jammeh’s) forgiveness. ..

    The crimes that were committed and are still being committed in The Gambia are not against Yaya Jammeh, but against the Gambian People. …

    Moreover,Rtd.Col Sarr, being an active member of the GNA in.1994, either by acts of commission or omission, is as culpable in these crimes as Yaya Jammeh and his Council Members, having failed to execute his sworn duty to defend the legitimate government of Sir Dawda, if needs be, with his life….As a soldier, there should be no “ifs”, no “buts”…

    If Rtd colonel Sarr feels a need to seek forgiveness, it must be from.the Gambian People, who have been wronged by the Army they entrusted with their security and protection…Certainly, not from his chief co-culprit and partner by association, in crime..

    Jammeh may have granted him his “forgiveness” but it is a false one because Jammeh himself needs to seek forgiveness. It is to The Gambian People that he must turn to for forgiveness on.the day of reckoning. ..And surely, like a slow coach, it will arrive one day….

  2. Bax, in the language of my new hobby, here is the analysis of the ICC Conference yesterday:

    The White Queen (Fatou Bensouda) made a move on the Black King (Uhuru) with a “answer summons or face arrest warrant” dash to the right corner of the board.
    The Black Queen (Ruto) positioned herself protectively behind the Black King’s throne, thus allowing the Black King to move to the safety of the Centre Court where he was surrounded by protective Knights (Kenyan MPs) and cheering Pawns (Kenyan citizens).
    Out-manoeuvred by the Black King’s presence in the Centre-Court, the White Queen dashed back for another attack, only for her path to be blocked by the Black Bishops (Uhuru’s Lawyers – who are pale skinned Brits!).
    Totally baffled, the stranded White Queen glanced across at the White King (ICC Judge) who was screaming: “Help! The next Black move looks like Check-Mate!”
    But for now, the Black King, protected by the Knights, Bishops and adoring Pawns, regally made his way slowly by to his throne which the gallant Black Queen vacated for him.