Former Kenya PM Flogged In Public

raila crying Things fall apart for Kenya’s former Prime Minister at a rally in Kwale county where he was flogged by an old man. Raila Odinga was twice beaten with a wooden stick while dancing on the podium.

Mr. Odinga’s security took control of the man who was arrested by the police. He later fled with police after realizing that he had a mental challenge. It is also reported that the mentally deranged man was released on the orders of Mr. Odinga.

The incident followed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s heckling by rowdy youths in Migori, forcing the President to call off his meeting.

Kenyan police are investigating the incident to ascertain whether it was politically motivated.

raila in hospitalMeanwhile, a renowned ethnic Luo witchdoctor has said the caning by an old man predicts doom for Mr. Odinga.

Ojuju Karapong. who claims to converse with Luo ancestors, said the former PM may only have a few days left because the stick used to flog him was laced with killer juju.

The Kenyan Daily Post quoted Karapong as saying that the stick was licked by 43 dagerous snakes in Calabar, Nigeria with a sole mission to finish Raila Odinga, who is out to destabilize the Jubilee Government and eventually overthrow President Kenyatta completely, and if possible make him disappear from the face of this earth.

The witchdoctor accused a Nairobi Senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, of coordinating a mission financed by the Kenyatta government.

He warned Mr. Odinga  to go back to Bondo for cleansing with strong traditional herbs to get rid of the Jubilee spell and bad omen if he does not want to die.




  1. Africa,,whitchdoctor BULLSHIT.The man just got beat up and this tells us a our security system has flaws from every angle.,,,,,,eyefrica

  2. Dida Halake

    Actually, Kemo, there is some sense in this “mumbo jumbo” witch-doctor stuff! the witchdoctor is simply saying to Raila, in his own “mumbo jumbo” way, to stop all the hassling and go home to Bondo for some spiritual rest and re-charging before the next election campaign. Kwale & Bondo are at the two opposite ends of Kenya. You remember when Obama unkindly said to McCain: “Senator, the election is over” … Raila has not stopped the campaign since he lost to Uhuru. He needs to go home to his village and get some spiritual and ancestral blessing and strengthening (that is why President Jammeh is always in the Kanilai Bush – Ha,Ha,Ha!)

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