President Jammeh Was Sent Packing

jammehGambian protesters on Friday sent their President home earlier than scheduled. President Yahya Jammeh was scheduled to fly home on Sunday, which according to New York protesters, clearly meant their disturbances at Ritz Carlton Hotel have paid off.

President Yahya Jammeh delivered his 69th United Nations General Assembly meeting on Thursdays instead of Friday, believing he would be spared harassment and humiliation by protesters.

“We have achieved our goal of sending the Kanilai Dictator packing,” said Bakary Jarju, who organized the New York protest. “President Jammeh has got another shock of his life; he and his delegation watched helplessly as protesters holed them up in Ritz Carlton hotel, shouting “Yahya Jammeh must go, Yahya Jammeh is a dictator and a murderer.” Jammeh’s brother Ansumana Jammeh became so disturbed by the pestering that he was seen shaking.

Gambian activist who was on the ground for Kairo News reported that New York police and Secret Service stormed Ritz Carlton determined to arrest anyone who created violence.

“The protest was a huge success because we pushed back attempts by a handful of APRC supporters who came to the other side of the road humming and drumming,” said Lamin Tunkara. “We have outnumber them and have shown them that we would not allow any form of bullying. One of them who crossed our line had been taken care of by Uncle Falai Baldeh.”

Also speaking to Kairo News were Ndey Dado and Haddy Njie who were both excited about making life unbearable for the Kanilai Dictator. “He i still hiding in his hotel,” Haddy Njie said. “He could not have the feat to get out. They have place camera trying to record us; let Yahya Jammeh go, he has destroyed Gambia. He is scared of us. A lot of Gambians have called us asking about the demonstration. They are happy about the demonstration.”



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