Jaliba Crowned Goodwill Ambassador

20140928_031309The Gambia’s King of Kora has been crowned the Goodwill Ambassador in the United States.

At a colourful ceremony in Seattle, Washington State on Saturday, Brikama Seattle Association awarded a trophy and certificate of adoption as Goodwill Ambassador of the Brikama Hospital project to Jaliba Kuyateh. The award was in recognition of Mr. Kuyateh’s ardent efforts to champion fundraising shows for humanitarian causes in the Gambia, particularly in Brikama.

Speaker after speaker extolled Jaliba Kuyateh for striving hard to make difference in the lives of people.

A famous Gambian griot in Seattle better known as Jali Seattle introduced Mr. Kuyateh at a ceremony, which also aims to celebrate Jaliba’s crowing in Bristol. He gave a brief history of a man who has the interest of people at heart. Jali Seattle said Jaliba inherited his good behaviors and magnimity from his ancestors.

Jaliba’s chief drummer also spoke well of the Kora Maestro. Omar Camara said he has respected Jaliba so much that he would drum for his family on feasts of Eid. Camara beat his talking drum for Jaliba saying “your own crown is on your head.”

In his brief remarks, Jaliba Kuyateh was grateful to Gambians for the love and respect they have accorded him. He was equally appreciative of the honour bestowed on him by Gambians in Bristol and Seattle. Mr. Kuyateh said his desire to contribute positively towards the development of his country and its people will never fade. He thanked the Brikama Society in Seattle for their generous contribution towards Brikama Health Center. Other speakers include Abba Sanneh and Burama Sanneh who gave a synopsis of the Brikama Society in Seattle.

“The main goal of this society is to help provide the Brikama Health Center and its staff with basic medical equipment and supplies. In doing so, not only do we empower the staff to provide proper prognosis and treatment, but we also contribute to healthy community. I’ve donated a 40feet container loaded with medical items worth atD2.5M, which received high raves and appreciate from the community. The journey have just begun for this great cause,” Abba said.

“As the president of the society, I would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of all the members, especially the organizing committee and the support of the Gambian Community here in Seattle and Vancouver,” he said, assuring that 100% of the proceeds of the two programs would go to the development of Brikama Health Center.

The society thanked Gambians for turning out in their large numbers on 26th and 27th programs held at the University Church in Seattle.


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