'Jammeh Helps His Orderly Escape'

PjammehPresident Yahya Jammeh is blamed for being responsible for the escape of his orderly in United States of America.

State House orderly Yusupha Sanneh and steward Tijan Bojang were nowhere to be seen shortly after the presidential entourage landed in JFK airport in New York. They were believed to be picked at the airport. Our source could not confirm the escape of other staff traveling with Jammeh.

“President Jammeh should be blamed for Yusupha’s escape,” State House source tells Kairo News. “I can confirm the escape of Yusupha and Tijan in the United States. I don’t know why Tijan ran away but the President helped Yusupha to escape. Shortly before the US trip, President Jammeh had some scores to settle with Yusupha Sanneh in Kanilai. The president promised to send Yusupha to Mile 2 when they return home. Who then is responsible for the escape other than President Jammeh?” our source.

Our source said Jammeh’s threats instill fears in Mr. Sanneh. “He became so worried that he planned to flee knowing fully that “danger awaits him at home.” Yusupha Sanneh has a history of Jammeh’s mistreatment in the past. He was detained and severely tortured along with his father after he had been accused of stealing President Jammeh’s money. This turned out to a hoax.

The news of escape of Jammeh’s civilian staff has concerned senior security officials traveling with Jammeh. Consequently, they keep close eyes on members of the entourage throughout. The President’s Office has neither confirmed nor denied the escape. It came on the heels of yet another protest against Gambian President in New York.


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