‘APRC Kills Our Successful Projects’

OJOmar Amadou Jallow has released yet another YouTube video message to the public blaming the APRC government for destroying the Gambia’s successful projects.

Mr. Jallow, the former Agriculture Minister and Member of Parliament for Serekunda East, recalled how the agriculture projects in the Jawara era had not only helped alleviate poverty in the Gambia but also powered the economy and earned foreign currency for the country.

Mr. Jallow said it was rather unfortunate that the Jammeh government allowed these successful projects to die thus plunging the country into poverty, hardship and economic instability.

Omar Jallow also talked about the failure of these projects, particularly livestock development, which have caused scarcity of large and small ruminants in the country. He said it is a fallacy for the Gambia to attain success in agriculture when President Jammeh asked prople to abandon their farms and till in his Kanilai farm.

Mr Jallow wondered why President Jammeh would donate half a million dollars to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola when Gambians go to bed with empty stomach. He said the outbreak of Ebola has restricted movement of livestock to the Gambia, which will escalate pains of many Gambian families. This means many families will not be able to afford ram for the Muslim feast of Eid-ul-Fitr.


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