The Enemy Must Attack You!



By Ousainou Mbenga

The recent out pour of calls, text messages and emails enquiring of our wellbeing following the cowardly attacks by Jammeh’s gang of thugs at the Hay Adams hotel are highly appreciated.

Comrades, brothers and sisters, these attacks were inevitable and it may not be the last, as long as we remain a contending force against the reactionary Jammeh regime. The enemy must attack you when you engage in actions that threaten its existence. If the enemy does not attack you, you pose no threat.

Nothing that Jammeh, his drugged – gang of thugs, his willfully ignorant enablers and supporters do, can intimidate us to submission. We will never submit to the oppression and repression of our beloved Gambia! To us, the disobedient sons and daughters of the Gambia; the only solution to our problem is to UPROOT Jammeh and his regime of terror.

For those of you who were not at the Hay Adams Hotel on those eventful days of August 5 and 6, 2014. I wished we captured the scene on camera to show you what a punk Jammeh is. After we caged him in his hotel room for almost 12 hours on Wednesday August 5 – the photo –up day with Obama – the U.S secret service literally bundled him up into the black SUV and sped off to the White House to take the picture with the Obamas intended for his sinister propaganda upon his arrival back to Gambia. We all saw the T-shirts emblazed with the white house picture on his willfully ignorant welcome parade.

On Thursday August 6, when his thugs assaulted us, the 500 pound gorilla ran into the hotel like a sissy – punk in fear. The coward that many say he is has been well manifested.

So, brothers and sisters, the real battle against Jammeh and his AFPRC – APRC was begun at the Hay Adams hotel and will be continued at any hotel in New York and at his Potomac mansion, if he dare come to Washington D.C. We are calling on all the beloved sons and daughters of Gambia to come to New York as these neocolonial gangsters once more descend on the not so “United Nations” building in New York. Let’s make the New York demonstration a historic one, hot on the heels of the remarkable Washington D.C protest. Jammeh can take this anyway he chooses. He can bring all his killers (the green boys and junglers) with him to the U.N General assembly but what happened at the Hay Adams hotel will never happen again. See you in New York.



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