New York Curse Finishes Sabally

saballyBaama in Mandinka means (an insult directed at someone’s mother). Saga Ndey, which means the same in Wollof, did the business in bringing former SG Sabally to the ground.

At the centre of the last year’s New York protest in the prestigious Ritz Calton hotel were exiled journalists Omar Bah and Nanama Keita who were among many committed Gambian brothers and sisters. These two gentlemen availed themselves adequately with the ferocity and venom in their insults directed at former Gambian Secretary General, the now persecuted Momodou Sabally.

Watch the video and see the provocation from Momodou Sabally:

In traditional and remote settings, co-wives will hardly exchange blows, but the highly sophisticated way they exchange unpleasant sentiments can either do or undo the matrimony of another.

Insults are permanent scars that sometimes remain etched in the sub-conscious mind of a person. What about if such unpleasant insults took place in the public glare and circulated on ‘youtube’. It destroys a person’s professional character.

Momodou Sabally was single-handedly undone by the words of Omar Bah. Wailing at the top of his voice, Omar uttered: “Hey Sabally, Sa Chaxxx xxxx, Ma ko wah”.

Now those close to President Jammeh would have commenced uttering and muttering the small pin drop words of, ‘he is finish, why should he even exchange words with the unpatriotic exile Gambians?’ The circus of backstabbing and dog eat world of Yahya Jammeh gets into overdrive. The one our President would have hesitated in hatching a plot against Momodou Sabally.

A Secretary General is among the highest ranking employee of any country. In their capacity as the touch bearer of government employees, they should avoid any and all behaviours that may bring the civil service into disrepute. Momodou Sabbally came face to face with Gambians who have been wronged and oppressed by his boss, President Jammeh.

Gambians in exiled have no recourse to be easy neither nice with the enablers of President Jammeh. The saying that, there is no place like home ring supreme, however, what about if one is driven away from his much loved country and abode? The anger and bitterness one develops is intense and fierce, Momodou Sabally’s attempt to wind up the protesters backfired, he became a liability to the cruel monster who made him what he became, a little rat.



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Well if you insult your own people, this is what befalls you. No matter how long, one day it will happen.


  2. Deyda Haidara

    Oh my GOD! when will JK enablers know that he is no one’s friend.
    Like a magnet he attracts them, like a mosquitoe repelent he kills them.
    Money and lust for titles will finish these enablers one after the other, and JK makes good fun of them.

  3. Bintou Conteh-Sillah

    hey Suntou, what about the big insults directed at Jammeh before his final departure. Will that also affect H.E? I could here the big Mandinka insults ‘yaya Jammeh baa xxx’. It was not just Omar Bah and Nanama at it.

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