Oppressed Gambia Wails In Agony

jammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

What a shame. What a pain. Oh, What a Sin. My heart bleeds in agony anytime I think of Gambia’s frail situation. No Gambian can deny the Gambia is sinking in her own drips of blood purged by her very own children. Eh! Allah. What an agony! It is obvious for all to see. Yet arrogance, selfishness, fear and ‘I don’t care attitude’ blind our minds and eyes to see the light, the light of love, nationalism and dedication for mother Gambia as we watch President Jammeh and his henchmen take down lives for his own good and security. Fellow Gambians solitary ignorance breeds solitary domination.

Mr. President, if you are not a monster and a mosquito sucking Gambians’ blood, why do you need guns and bullets to develop the Gambia. Suffice it to assert men of love, wisdom and dignity never disrespect humanity instead they collaborate in harmony for the best of their people. They do not crave undesirable love and acceptance. Their works do it for them Mr President. Foolish and authoritarian leaders, on the other hand, officiate and spin their own titles and acceptance as you clearly manifested. We bow down to oppression out of ignorance and fear but not for love and compassion. What a shameful fiasco for a nation to compromise the values of humanity. Many Gambians who gave you the benefit of the doubt, time and space to fulfil your promises 20 years ago, today felt betrayed, lied to and remorseful for allowing you to be. If only Mr President the hand of time could be reverse, you will not be documented in Gambian history.

If Gambians knew what they know now 20 years ago, they would have fought you tooth and nail for the preservation of her freedom and democracy which you have arrogantly obliterated. Gambians saw in you a young blood with great ideas for change but what a change did you give us. It brings to mind “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t.” In sum, with you, we franchised our freedom for destruction and oppression. We bartered democracy with dictatorship. What crosses your mind, Mr President, whenever you hear that verse of our national anthem “LET JUSTICE GUIDE OUR ACTIONS?” Do you feel any guilt? Frankly, this one man domination of a nation blessed with great minds and strength in this 21st century is well beyond my imagination. Flesh and blood of the nation violated in graphic drips right in front of us, oh yeah what did they say, “it is part of the books to fulfil the prophesy”.

From 1994 to date, so many rights of the Gambian people continued to be violated by a rogue administration. Many Gambian have become victims of arbitrary arrests, unlawful detentions without trial, incarceration, tortures, enforced disappearances and state orchestrated murders. The unfriendly climate compels many Gambian to flee in to exile. Do you think you can continue to fool us all the time by manipulating our feelings? Oh hell no. How can you inflict sorrow on us today and promise us a better tomorrow? Who the hell do you think you are? You are nothing but a stupid, arrogant and ignorant criminal calling himself a president. We are sick and tired of your brutal, cruel and barbaric administration. Though I cannot speak good wollof but just to try, President Jammeh sappi ga nyu…demal ngirr Yallah takh.

I said this many many times and I will never stop saying it until there is a unity within us. Since we all have a common problem, it is therefore fitting to unify our concerted efforts as one and fight against the brutal regime of President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh. Why can’t we join hand in hand to uproot President Jammeh’s government for once? Although we cannot all be in the same group or organization, but all these groups and organizations can collectively join together as one to get rid of President Jammeh and his bunch of criminals.

It is understood wherever there is a problem there is a solution to remedy it. Consequently, we can be able to resolve our differences and unite under a common agenda while maintaining our varied memberships and allegiance to our different groups and organizations. I am conscious that it is a human nature to have differences and even fight, but after each fight we must also find ways to reconcile. I know there are wolves in sheep clothing within us, but is not a reasonable excuse for us not to unite beside our unity will expose them. We have intellectuals, wealthy people, technocrats as well as foolish, stupid and poor idiot in our mid but that does not punctuate we cannot unite and fight to end the dictatorship of President Jammeh.

Our struggle is to liberate ourselves from the shackles of self-colonialism and dictatorship. We need to come up with fitting strategies to develop a political power which can intelligently manoeuver Jammeh’s political decadence and replace it with one free of personal ambition, self-centeredness, corruption, power hunger and flamboyance. The collective leadership of all the groups and organizations should ensure the cohesion of our revolutionary movement to eradicate poverty, hunger, illiteracy and maintain peace for the mass on whose course we claimed to be salivating. Every human being has fundamental rights as NATURAL CITIZEN regardless of colour, ethnicity, religious and social status.


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