Monarch Trumpeting MP Blinks

Hon. Saine

The Gambia’s monarch trumpeting Member of Parliament has not only blinked but also cried foul, blaming opposition leaders for misquoting him.

Hon. Abdoulie Saine, who represented Banjul Central Constituency, had earlier became a center of attraction over his statement to crown President Yahya Jammeh a king.

In May this year, Hon. Saine told the parliament thus: “It’s in our best interest as Gambians to introduce a monarchy and crown President Jammeh a king. The will of the people is what determines democracy and we have seen monarchies like Morocco that have made significant socio-economic progress.

“This is also in the interest of opposition political parties such as the United Democratic Party and the National Reconciliation Party. It will give them the opportunity to also be part of government through a prime ministerial set-up and hence give way to an even more enhanced democracy. We have to come together and make it happen. It’s just a matter of political will.”

The ruling party lawmaker deviated from his earlier statement when he told Tuesday session that he was misquoted by Halifa Sallah and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, opposition leaders of PDOIS and UDP, respectively.

“I was misquoted by an editorial of Foroyaa Newspaper written by Halifa Sallah. I was also misquoted by a leader of an opposition party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, when I said we should crown the President,” Hon. Saine complained, arguing that he had told his colleagues that they could crown the President a constitutional monarch. “We can crown him in our own way. I said we should give a constitutional monarch.”

It wasn’t clear why Hon. Abdoulie Saine had waited for three months before he cried foul for being misquoted on crowning Gambian dictator king. Saine revives the kingship issue at a time when Mr. Jammeh assumed the title of Babil Mansa (Bridge Building Leader).



  1. These Prositi******s do not seize to amaze me. Lets watch he will fall victim to the system soon.

  2. This to me sounds as if he is reiterating his earlier statement with minor clarifications and emphasis. To say that he blinked or backtracked would be an exaggeration. Stupid elders like these are responsible for sorry state of the country but history will not be kind to such people.

  3. History is going to judge him one day .