President Jammeh Gone Bunkers


Baabili Mansa: President Jammeh
Baabili Mansa: President Jammeh

With a comedian as the President, there is never a shortage of weird and dull moments in the Gambia. It’s all about either attracting people’s attention or exercising the power of control.

Take a bow Gambians and aim at a man who preoccupies himself with garnering titles instead of executing what he swore to do. Just last month he accepted the highly coveted title of Amirul Mumeen (Commander of the Faithful Muslims). But since President Jammeh’s greed knows no boundary, he wants to get everything whether by hook or crook. I found the latest public announcement carried on Mr. Jammeh’s propaganda machine (Daily Observer) not only laughable but also damn right insulting.  The message from the High Office of President notified public officials to take note of Mr. Jammeh’s newest crown of Babili Mansa (Bridge Builder).

Read Daily Observer’s notice and judge for yourself as to whether it makes sense for President Yahya Jammeh to betray the trust and confidentce reposed on him. “The Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that with effect from last Thursday August 14th, 2014, His Excellency the president of the Republic shall be addressed as: His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Nasirul Deen Babili Mansa (new addition).

It is beyond reason to rationalise the buffoonery attitude of the Gambian leader. How low can any head of state stoop like this? I am sure our good friend, Dida Halake, will find this new anointment bizarre and comical. Building bridges should be part and parcel of normal government’s development projects, however, adding it to a name is simply means going Bunkers.



  1. He is edging ever closer to declaring himself “Gambia Mansa Keh” (King of The Gambia)…Isn’t he.?

    He is simply “testing the waters”, if you know.what I.mean… gauge public reaction to being officially associated with the “mansa” title..

    We better be prepared for the biggest “shock” sooner, rather than later. .

  2. Suntou,

    Stop provoking a peaceful old man!!!

    First you called my beloved Daily Observer “a propaganda machine”. That certainly it is NOT! What you can describe it fairly as being is a Gazette – “Gazette, a newspaper of an institution giving current events” – Oxford English Reference Dictionary.

    If the Daily Observer was into “propaganda” they would have had a headline screaming FATOU CAMARA CRYING ON THE WASHINGTON SIDEWALK BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T MEET THE PRESIDENT!! That would have been “propaganda” – and a good one which I, as a fun-loving MD of DO, would have published!!!

    Secondly, you got to understand that the “Babili Mansa” thing comes from a story about Gambian superstition – was it not that crossing around Janjanburreh where it was said that whoever builds a bridge would be destroyed by JINNS??!! President Jammeh is simply saying that he DID build a bridge there – and proved that his JINNS are the strongest in The Gambia. Come on, you guys all talk marabouts and JINNS and then get all excited when Jammeh plays you guys at your own game!

    I will overlook the “Bunkers” in your headline above – I assume you had bunk – as in “the titles are bunk” – in mind!

    Regards to you and yours up in Leicester. Would like to visit you up there, but I don’t know where the Indian Consulate is – so that I can get a visa.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    To say it in full will read like this;

    His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhagi Dr Yahya Alfonso Jemus Junkung Jammeh Nasirudeen Babili Mansa.

    This is pretty much mouthful. Isn’t it? I will resign over it if I was working at GRTS.

  4. Scarlet Pimpernel

    What people fail to understand is that Jammeh is mad and by the time people realise it,he will tell Gambians to call him God and then it will be too late.

    • You right,the next time he will call himself deputy god and the so call supreme islamic council will agree. lol,he is off his head.

  5. edi boy sankadi

    Scarlet and Malamin I agreed with you guys. When I read his new title at the daily observer, I LMAO (laugh my ass off) and my colleague sitting next to me who is American white man ask me what’s up with me why I was laughing like that; but I was ashamed to explain to him nor do I show him the article from my workstations screen. Because that will add another biggest embarrassment like he monster jammeh’s claimed HIV/AIDS Cure video at YouTube which my colleague showed and then voice his opinion that our monster president Jammeh is completely mad man.
    Trust me, I feel sorry for GRTS news readers because if I work there, I will be giving pink slip very soon because I may not all the time get his long new title right..hahaha..LOL. Good luck my fellow Gambians GRTS. Very soon more title will be added to this long title or very soon he will grow himself as a king or God like pharoah.

  6. The pen, the pen is not always mightier.

    • Scarlet what I am afraid of is that he might one day ask for the head of every first born. The man is crazy and no one dares says it. Who in their right man will say :I own this country”, hire and fire on a whip, insult elders, imprison and kill fellow citizens without hesitation. his tendencies are not normal

      It s about time we call a spade a spade. We are dealing with a full blown lunatic, the earlier we recognize it the better.

  7. Dida, most people will be disgus

      ted with your pathetic defence of this morron.what you are saying is the opposite of what Jammeh have in mind,he is simply playing a mind game.just wait and see you will be next on his list to whip.