Bombardier Is Still Alive But …

lang tombongKairo News can confirm with confidence that the former army Lt. Col. Kawsu Camara alias Bombardier is alive and kicking, although he is going through hell.

“Bombardier is still alive and kicking,” our indefatigable Revealer confirmed. “He is still in Mile 2 Central Prison,” the Revealer said, adding that “President Yahya Jammeh’s once right hand man has been constantly being tortured. He would be frequently removed from his cell and driven to Nyambai Forest only to be tortured severely. At one point he was tortured so badly that he had vomited blood. Everyone thought Bombarder was going to die.”

The Revealer, who went into hybernation for security reasons, said as “long as President Jammeh remains in power, Bombardier will never be set free. The fact is that his hands are as dirty as those of Jammeh. Besides, he knows too much and you know, Jammeh hates to release anyone who knows him inside out.”

The Revealer promised to come back with “a bag full of Bombardier’s excesses. He too is paying the price of his transgressions,” the Revealer said.

The High Court Judge in Banjul in June 2010 imposed death penalty on Lt. Col. Kawsu Camara, Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier General Lang Tombong Tamba, Omar Bun Mbye, Lamin Badgie, Momodou Gaye, Gibril Ngorr Secka and businessman Lie Joof. Justice Emmanuel Amadi condemned the men after they were found guilty of treason.

They were convicted of procuring arms, ammunition, equipment and mercenaries from Guinea Conakry and other places in a bid to overthrow the democratically-elected government of the Gambia. The Supreme Court upheld their conviction, prompting the men to file a judicial review of the death penalty at the Supreme Court. However, the case could not proceed in June this year due to lack of quorum. The case is adjourned to November when the Supreme Court is expected to sit.

“There is a constraint…We don’t have a panel of seven members for the case to be reviewed.  We cannot hear it until we are seven,” said Chief Justice Chawhan.

Kawsu Camara, who enlisted in the then Gambia Gendarmerie in 1988, was a military officer posted at Kanilai under the State Guard Battalion. He was in charge of border patrol, the President’s mother’s travel security and responsible for fuel transaction for Kanilai Famly Farms.


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