Jammeh's Daughter Regrets US Trip

jammehThe teenage daughter of Gambian President is reported to be struggling with the psychological trauma caused by two days of protest against her father’s presence in the just concluded US-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C.

It wasn’t clear how the First Lady Madam Zeinab Zuma Jammeh has reacted to the greatest disturbance of their lives. But our source intercepted an open complaint by Mariam Jammeh.  “I regret why I came to America where all these protesters held us hostage,” was the 13-year-old Mariam’s intercepted complaint.

Mariam and her mother have been frequently traveling to the United States at the expense of Gambian taxpayer for either in search of pleasure, shopping or for medical purposes.  However, the August 6th and 7th protests at Hay Adams hotel had undoubtedly shocked the First Family to the bone.

A senior Gambian activist said it was about time that the dictator’s family also got their share of the trauma caused by disappearances, tortures, murders, and other gross violations of human rights perpetrated by Yahya Jammeh. “How can Yahya Jammeh’s family live in peace when he deny other families that very peace?” Falai Baldeh asked. “I am delighted to be among those who shamed the man who holds our country hostage,” he said, adding that “it is fair for Jammeh to feel the pain of humiliation.”

The fundamental question that must be asked is whether President Jammeh’s family will feel safe in their lavish Potomac home in Maryland.

Photo provided courtesy of www.theroot.com


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