Gambian Semester Tastes Jammeh's Bitter Pills

Gambian youth was on June 20th, 2014 was taken away by the Nation Intelligence Agency (NIA) officers soon after he landed at the Banjul Airport. The victim, whose identity cannot be revealed for personal security reasons, was targeted for participating in August 2012 protest in Alaska, United States. Agents said his picture matched with the one on their file.

The said protest was meant to raise international awareness on the execution of nine death-row inmates in the Gambia.

During interrogation, the Canada based Gambian denied having involvement in the said protest. The agents were not however convinced, insisting that photographic evidence was enough proof that the young man was among people bent on opposing the Gambia government abroad.

It later emerged that the detained semester had visited his Alaska cousin whose residence was used for the protest against the August 2012 illegal execution.  An agent took picture of him while during his two weeks stay with Pa Lie.

The vacationing youth was moved to a secret location for further interrogation. He was released three days later, only to be rearrested twice on June 27 and 30th. Upon release for the final time, the youth deified the order to stay in the country.  He is believed to be back in Canada.


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