Islam Council Takes Blame For Eid Prayer Arrest

Darsilameh Caliph GeneralThe Caliph General of the Sheriff Caliphate in Dasilameh Sangajor, who has been illegally detained since Tuesday, was on Thursday morning ferried to Banjul for a meeting with members of the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC). The Council members reportedly told the Caliph General that his arrest was initiated by them [ SIC] and not President Jammeh. Sheikh Muhidein Hydara, a resident of Foni in Western Region, was told that his arrest was in connection with his refusal to obey President Yahya Jammeh’s edit [fatwa] that no Eid prayers should be held in Western Region area on Tuesday.

During a heated conversation at the Police Inspector General’s Office in Banjul, the Caliph General reportedly insisted that “the people of Dasilameeh did not get any clear confirmation from any reliable source that the moon was sighted on Sunday evening. Dasilameh community had no choice other than wait until Monday when the moon was sighted. This was the reason why the entire community of Dasilameh unanimously agreed to pray on Tuesday.”

Sheikh Muhidein filled the shoes of his sick nephew Imam on Tuesday.

The Caliph and the Alkalo of Dasilameh had been arrested and placed in police custody since Tuesday July 29th. The 80 year-old Sheikh Muhidein Hydara was picked up soon after leading Eid-ul-fitr payers. He was first detained at Sibanor Police Station where he spent the night with his devotees [talibes] before being transferred to Yundum Police Station. The respected Spiritual Leader was later transferred to Banjul where he was surprised to have a face-to-face discussion with the embattled Supreme Islam Council executive members. One of the members identified at the said meeting was the Council’s President Alhagie Lamin Touray.

The area has been a scene of big crowds, with the Hydara Sheriff clans from Cassamance, Guinea Bissau and Dakar sending powerful delegations to show their solidarity with the Shangajor Caliph General.

The presence of the well-known Dasilameh Caliph General at Yundum Police Station had also attracted huge crowds of relatives, family friends and followers.

Sheikh Muhidein Hydara was ordained to the throne in 2009. This followed the demise of Muhidein’s immediate predecessor and late elder brother Sheriff Anfal Hydara of blessed memory.

Kairo News could not get quotes from the Council that has over the years left itself at the mercy of President Jammeh, conferring him with all the highly coveted Islamic titles.



  1. “The Council members reportedly told the Caliph General that his arrest was initiated by them [ SIC] and not President Jammeh”
    Where are the true leaders of the Gambia, the true and God fearing religious leaders of our nation? Yahya Jammeh has almost taken himself as God. Pharaoh did that but only ONE God who is not Pharaoh still remained the living and forever.
    Can the friends, relatives (if any), those that work with and for this man reign on him and let Yahya Jammeh know he is nothing but human and a sad, pathetic one as a matter of fact. That he cannot be a stinky thorn in everyone and if he wish to … long, leave people the hell alone. Learn from your mentors – Qadafi and maybe Saddam. After all the power they claimed they had, they were dug up from holes as they cowardly try to flee from the people they had tormented over the years. I can’t stand this man and this so-called religious leaders.

  2. Firstly, it is APPALLING that a respected ELDER of 80 years old is arrested – and detained in a police station. TRULY APPALLING – in any civilised society. It can even be described as depraved.

    Secondly, now that the ELDERS of the Supreme Islamic Council have accepted BLAME for this appalling and shocking deed, I suppose more room will be needed in Mile 2 Prison!!!

    • This is what happens when the head of state has no regard for the rule of law. People are tired of this backward president who has no clue and fails to realize that he is not a KING but an elected official that should abide by the constitution.

      Where does the SIC derive the power to order arrests. PLEEESSSSEEEE!!!! we are a tad bit smarter than that. The president threatened to arrest anyone that prays on Tuesday and he carried that threat, SIC ordering arrest my foot.

  3. Edi Boy Sankadi

    sic leaders your days are coming soon. Dictator jammeh cannot be trusted. Remember that this Dasilami sheriff kunda and Dictator Jammeh used to be a best friends particularly late Anfaal Hydara. Why our religious leaders like to fight one another just to be closest recipients beneficiary of Dictator jammeh? Knowing that Jammeh is killings, disappearing, forceful exile people and illegal arresting and torture people. I am sure even this sheriffs know samsideen Dino Hydara’s forcefully exile for almost 9 yrs. What do they said about that? Nothing because they are in good terms with evil Dictator Jammeh. Our mandinkas proverb say if you sow groundnut, you don’t expect coos to grow up but the same groundnut will grow up. We will all answer to Almighty Allah’s call one day and he will surely judge us what we did. I feel sorry to this old man Muhideen Hydara but let’s bring up Samsideen Hydara’s dead enemies behind discord with dictator jammeh. Truth shall set us free. We have informers even with these marabouts and SIC leaders who constantly feed Dictator Jammeh for their worldly benefits of giving them a lot of money and brand new pajero and then turns their eyes with truth and less or no fear of Allah.

    • if you said that’s U are not saying truth my father Sheikh muhideen is not a greedy man ask people who no this man and he never have business with Yahya jammeh

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Look guys, the SIC are only providing cover for Kunkenpeleng Foday Alfonso Jemus Junkung Yahya jammeh. Who will put that 80 yr old revered caliph in detention in The Gambia without the instruction of the president?

  5. Jason, I agreed with you SIC leaders cannot arrest and detain nobody. President Jammeh executed order for this old man sheriff Muhideen Hydara arrested and he is the only person that can set him free beside Allah. I am happy to hear that he finally free at last. Did any of you heard the case of sheriff Samsideen Hydara case whereby yahya jammeh forcefully sent him to exile or unless he risk his life in either jail or died? Who are the people behind reporting samsideen Hydara of wasadung? The same SIC leaders and these selfish marabouts who are close friend of jammeh. Jammeh constantly sponsor all the expenses of their Gamo. Now they are cat and dog ….more buddies of Jammeh will finally go to his mile two hotel. I know this marabouts themselves engage on infighting that is why they become dictator jammeh informers and report Samsideen to jammeh. Allah is the best knower and truth shall set of free. Foni wasadung and foni dasilameeh are close distance but late Anfaal Is president Jammeh closest friend and it is witness to many that jammeh pump so many many money from our country coffer to his annual Gamo. So when are we going to open our eyes for dictator jammeh divide us and rule? But I guess not because we all are opportunists even this marabouts regardless of whether you are sheriffs or not.

  6. Scarlet Pimpernel

    What people fail to understand is that Jammeh is the SIC. Who in their right state of mind will order a high profile arrest without jammeh’s approval. Unless you are looking for a visit to his infamous hotel.
    Coming back to the SIC, these people will provide a catalyst for the downfall of Yaya Jammeh. They are giving him wrong advice for their own agenda. Most of these guys were or are still on Saudi payroll to spread Wahabism.

  7. I think there is still lack of the whole truth of the events that transpired. I absolutely think it is about time the Muslim Ummah come together as one unit and pray EID the same day. This is an excellent starting point. The technological advancement that God the Almighty have bestowed on His Finest Creation, I think we should use it to improve upon our lives and religion is no exception in that aspect. if one part of the ummah says they have sighted the moon, why can’t we follow through and pray. what is the problem here.
    it is very difficult for Gambians to pray different days.