Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Conferred New Title

Blood on your hands
Amir al-Mu’minin (Jammeh’s new title)

Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of The Faithful Believers) President Jammeh’s new title. There is comedy going at the bizarre Gambian Presidential residence in Banjul.

Religious leaders gathered to bestow even more ridiculous noble and high sounding titles and honour on the Gambian dictator. The Banjul Imam, state that the new title is way ahead of Nasirudeen. The new title will mean, President Jammeh will have the longest name among the world’s head of states. Some describe this behavior as serious inferiority complex, which Jammeh could shed away for 20 years of Presidency.

The Gambia is currently a basket case, where religious elder race to the bottom. Readers have to remember, Yahya Jammeh is a fetish, who mix Islam with his secretive cult worship.

Leader of the Believers is what our sources are saying, the Imam of Banjul conferred on President Jammeh. The Supreme Islamic Council has long been politicized and corrupted by the APRC government. They have bestowed a never heard of title in the Gambia, Nasirudeen few years ago. As Gambians deal with that shock and horror, a new title first coin for Muslim Caliph Umar Ibn Khatab 1300 years ago, has now resurface in the Gambia.

The Banjul Imam found it fitting to grant President Jammeh a title only fitting for leaders who rule with religious edit and commandment is not only scandalous, but truly sad.

Kairo news will update readers on the full extent of the drama at State house right now. Among the speakers in include, M L Touray, Alieu Mboge, Cherno Kah and others.


  1. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Seriously, I’m done with Gambia. What an insult to all Muslims.

  2. Get an education Pimpo!! What is wrong with Jammeh being declared head of the Gambian Church?? Our very own King Henry VIII made himself Head of the Anglican Church because he wanted to marry SIX WIVES. 400 years later his daughter to the power 9 Queen Elizabeth II remains UK’s Head of State, Head of the Anglican Church and Head of the Commonwealth. At least His Excellency Amirul Muminum Professor Alhaji Doctor Nasiru Deen President Yahya AJJ Jammeh has not grabbed it for himself – he has been, like Emporer Julius Caesar, invited by the Elders to accept the honour!

  3. Sorry, Forgot to add: Eid Mubarak!

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    In the observance of the Eid, we the proud mandinkas who are profoundly hated by Yahya Jammeh hereby confer the title of “Kunkenpeleng Foday” on the person of Yahya Alfonso Jemus Junkung Jammeh. President of the Republic of The Gambia.

  5. What an insult to the Gambian Muslim. We need changes if not it is getting too late

  6. Dida, you are sick. Are you comparing monarchism and so called democracy?Yaya is addicted to titles and the guy is not a Muslim in the first place. Next he will call himself prophet or messenger of God. The man is taking too much drugs and it is making crazy. Gambians please come together and get rid of Yaya. Dida please give us a break and leave us alone.

  7. Nonsense again Lafia. Yahya Jammeh does NOT hate the Mandinka – he LOVES them! Why? Because they have voted for him for 20 years – and they might yet anoint him King. So why should Jammeh hate the Mandinka, Your bush-tribalist theory does NOT make sense.

  8. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Looool, Dida. It’s you who should go back and get some education about Islam and what it takes to be called AMIRUL MUMINEEN. For once we might agree in your comparison but i never said Jammeh grabbed the title for himself. He himself(Jammeh) knows that he’s not worthy for this title but deep inside he knows that the Islamic Council are sucking up to him big time. As i said in my earlier postings on jollofnews moons ago , they can go and call him God or Allah for all i care. My predictions are coming to be true which is Jammeh will start telling Gambians when to pray or not and next will be when they should sleep with their wives, lol.
    By the way for your information, he has relinquished one of his titles last month which is Nasirudeen as he knew that there is a title coming.
    Eid Mubarak to you Dida.

  9. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida, you are doing exactly what you did for Kunkenpeleng Foday jammeh at the Daily Observer. So I will not waste my time on you.


  10. IT is sad to say and may be an insult to many good Muslims in Gambia. But the Gambian Muslim Council, including some Imams in Gambia, need to go back to (Darra) to study Islam, because all of them will go to hell, they read the Qur’an and know what is in it clear prove and yet because of the money they lie about God’s books. I feel sorry for them and their family.

  11. Amir al-Mu’minin not Amirul Muminum

  12. True this is some real drama, since the ungodly so-called Imams deep in their very own hearts, truly know yaya jammeh is an idol worshipper who ONLY dresses in prevention in fake Muslim clothes for votes & influences ONLY. His real title is Almunafiq Al-Mu’mini; for those who confer it to him aren’t themselves worthy to do so due to their blinding acts of negligence in omitting what the Qur’an teaches, totally acting against what Allah refrain us all from, particularly them in positions of trust, knowledgeable in religion; Hell awaits them all including their Rapist kanilai Almunafiq; Insha Allah.

  13. Meant to be ….Who only dresses in pretention in fake Muslim clothes…..

  14. Pimpo, keep to your words!!! You said this a couple of days:-

    “Scarlet Pimpernel: July 28, 2014 at 6:48 PM. Seriously, I’m done with Gambia. What an insult to all Muslims.”

    The fact of the matter is that if you and Lafia were educated (and non-tribalist) enough to keep an open mind you would NOT get so frustrated and suffer from acute bile every time His Excellency Lt (Rtd) Amirul Muminum Professor Alhaji Sheikh Doctor Nasiru Deen President Yahya AJJ Jammeh makes pronouncements!

    You ALL called for an “Arab Spring” to happen in The Gambia 3 years ago. I told you that was a Western Conspiracy to destroy Arab countries. What do you think today, when burning Libya’s fires can be seen in Italy and US/UK have RUN AWAY??? What do you think of “democracy GIVEN” Iraq where the Islamic Jihad has dismembered the country and US/UK have RUN AWAY??? What do you think of “democratic Egypt” where the US paid for a “people’s uprising” against President Morsi – and then encouraged and welcome the Coup??? (The Coup-Leader, now “elected” President, will be in the USA this week. Finally, what do you think of the continuing MASSACRE in GAZA where the US, Israel, Coupist Egypt, Saudi Arabia AND the Palestinian Authority all have the same agenda: to MASSACRE GAZA until the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED HAMAS Govt. is toppled.

    As far as Dida Halake is concerned, The Gambia has PEACE and there is NO CHANCE of The Gambia descending into the chaos just described – inspite of The Gambian Diaspora’s prayers. That said, you are most welcome to continue cursing His Excellency Lt (Rtd) Amirul Muminum Professor Alhaji Sheikh Doctor Nasiru Deen President Yahya AJJ Jammeh to your hearts content!

  15. Lafia Touray la Manju


    1. I am not on record insulting any tribe. Jammeh is.
    2. I am not on record threatening any tribe. Jammeh is.
    3. I am not on record admonishing any tribe. Jammeh is.
    2. In addition, jammeh is on the note of even the US embassy in Banjul for his mandinkaphobic tendencies.

    Unless you want to continue doing what you have been doing at the Daily Observer for Kunkenpeleng Foday Jemus Junkung Yahya jammeh, you definitely need to look at the above and recognise that you have misplaced your tribal label. I am done with you.


  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Jammeh’s official name and title is already pretty much mouthful. This latest has already made it a mouth sore. Aaa ah! I need a teeth brush and listering mouth wash.

  17. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Dida, I wanted to reply but Lafia has just said what i wanted to say. By the way you might just heard what your Amir ul mumineen telling people when to pray or not. Sometimes I just laugh off your useless rants. I’m on my way and using my phone but i will give you a fitting reply soon.

  18. Look Lafia, you really must listen to your Elders, Mandinka and non-Mandinka (even Ethiopian!). This is what they say in today’s Daily Observer:

    Imam Touray, President Supreme Islamic Council & Imam Ratib Kah –

    “They praised The Gambian leader for strengthening religious harmony and peaceful co-existence in the country, acknowledging with sense of appreciation, the great stride made in the national development over the past 20 years and for the peace and stability the country continues to enjoy”.

    I have sent the captioned photo which KairoNews team may post above.

    Certainly there are problems in The Gambia, as everywhere (last week-end 25 niggers were shot dead in Obama’s Chicago IN TWELVE HOURS!!), but let us pray that the PEACE in The Gambia continues.

  19. Scarlet Pimpernel

    There is a saying in The Gambia which goes “never tell a mad man the crowd belongs to you”. This is the scenario we have in The Gambia right now. See, Dida Halakeh, you might have lived in The Gambia for some time but it takes a native Gambian to understand our proverbs. When you came out defending Jammeh on his newly conferred title and calling us tribalists, I just know that you are ignorant and looking for attention. I knew exactly what was going to happen sooner or later. Now we have Jammeh lashing out at religious leaders and claiming the country belonging to him.
    What you and your friend Yaya Jammeh failed to understand is that he ( Yaya Jammeh) is surrounded by Saudi educated wahabists and salafists who are on Saudi payroll to promote Wahabism. For them any kind of worshipping other than that from Saudi Arabia is HARAM. They consider these traditional Koranic schools called MAJILIS as against the teachings of Islam . Imam Touray is a cousin of mine and Imam Fatty taught me during his teaching time at the Tallinding Islamic Institute. I know these people inside out.
    Again coming to your point again calling us Mandinka tribalist. Yes Dida, I’m a Mandinka and very proud to be one. My wife is a wollof, my best friends are Jola and Fula and my half brother’s mum or step mum is a jola. So to call me a tribalist is foolish and irresponsible of you.
    I will not stand by and watch Gambia being destroyed by a mad man and his sidekicks like you and the Supreme Islamic Council. People like you are the ones who say Amen to everything what Jammeh says and does. That’s why he came out and insulting the Murids and other religious sects. A mad man will always be a mad man;that’s why Jammeh said “DEKKA BI MAN MA KO MOM”.

  20. Pimpo, you are blinded by your hatred of Jammeh. I cannot defend the way he does things – or says them (but if you are a Gambian you will understand that is how most Gambians say them! Walahi, Bilahi, Talahi, etc, etc.).

    Surely, with the “religious discipline” and unity thing, you must see a bit of sense there? Look at Iraq where Muslims are cutting Muslims throat because of theological differences. Even in Nigeria, we have a SHIA group established and fighting the Government (Not Bokoharam – they are Sunni). Now do you want those kinds of intra-Muslim divisions to develop in The Gambia? As for our neighbours Senegal, they have religious fiefdoms co-existing with the central government. If you are entering some areas of Dakar, you have to turn out your cigarettes because the local Khalifa General has banned smoking and alcohol – now, is that democratic. Many remember the Khalifa General who had people murdered recently and Macky Sall’s Government had to arrest him. I think Jammeh’s point is that the Supreme Islamic Council will have a FINAL say on ALL matters Islamic in The Gambia – I don’t think one can argue with that.

    As for me not being a Gambian, I leave the Beauty Contest to you!!