'Coup Celebration Is Illegal'

Darboe-Promises-a-Formidable-New-Leader-For-UDP~~element78The Youth Coordinator of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the West Coast Region has described “any undemocratic change of government as illegal.”

Foday Gassama questioned the rationale of celebrating the 1994 military takeover in the Gambia. “The July 22 revolution should not be celebrated, people cannot be proud of unconstitutional change of government; it is an international crime,” Gassama said.

“As an opposition party, we believe in democratically elected governments; a real government should not take over power by force because the ballot box should decide. We therefore condemn the celebrations and urged all Gambians not to take part in it.”

He said despite the APRC regime’s progress on infrastructural development, Gambians have been reduced to beggars mainly due to severe economic hardship exacerbated by mass unemployment. Gassama also complained of gross violations of human rights as evidenced by the frequent detentions without trial and lack of freedom of expression.

“Dozens of our youths are desperate which is why they are flooding the back way to Europe in search of greener pasturel. “There is lack of opportunities in the country. All our intellectuals left the country and are serving in other countries because of the hostile environment,” he said.

Gassama said the UDP is making all efforts to sensitize the electorate on the current economic and political situation this country is faced with.

He is confident of an opposition victory in the 2016 presidential election. “We can unseat President Jammeh because the way he governs the country is not sustainable.”


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