What Do You Think Of Yourself?

Blood on your hands
What do you think of yourself?

By Sada Njie

Mr President, what do you think of yourself? Do you think Gambia belongs to you or do you think you’re untouchable? You are nothing in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

Remember we are all created by Allah and we shall all return to him one day. You might be powerful today but can be nobody tomorrow.

You deprived my uncle a family life in his country until he left for Senegal to just stay away from your troubles, wickedness and killings and now you deprived his body to be buried in a place where he was born. With the help of Allah (SWT) the Senegalese welcomed his body to be buried in their country. This is what Islam is all about.

Yahya Jammeh do you feel the pain you’ve caused to innocent Gambian’s, do you feel the pain to be a victim of torture, oppression and killings, do you feel the pain of kids loosing their parents because you’ve killed them, do you feel the pain of a mother who cried for her son’s disappearance without trace all because of you, do you think for one second that one day you will be answerable for all your actions. You should be ashamed of your self.

Every cable news channel you turn to now a days, it’s all about the Gambian dictator. For how long do Gambians have to be silent as this guy makes silly and unjustified decisions with or without the slightest provocation?

You turned many families apart because they say no to your dictatorial rule. You inflicted pain on lots of families both home and abroad. Yahya Jammeh you are nothing but a wicked, ignorant, greedy and tyrant who is causing pain to everyone who does not adhere to your tyranny.

My uncle never harmed anyone, he never killed anyone. He was a religious man, a man of sincerity and a man of honesty who always make sure everyone is happy unlike you who killed uncountable people to just satisfy your thirst.

My uncle has gone to rest in peace but his legacy still remains. We will continue from where he stopped. We are proud of him and Gambia is proud of him and will remain to be. He was a true hero who served his country with dignity and dedication.

Mr. Jammeh, being a president it is mandatory to preserve and protect the freedom and rights of your people not to discriminate and harass them. It’s a fundamental task of any citizen of any nation to be protectors of their freedoms and that of the future generation but in The Gambia we’re denied these sacred rights. Jammeh is spreading his evil poison to innocent people by turning them into lethal and deadly people.

I promise you that we will accomplish my uncles wishes in liberation Gambia from your wickedness. May Allah (SWT) rescue Gambia from your dictatorial rule.


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