Military Prevented Buba’s Remains From Entering Gambia

The Late Buba Baldeh
The Late Buba Baldeh is a hero. Rest in peace! Jammeh fears you even after you died!

By Papa Kumba Loum

Sad news coming from Senegal and the Gambia was that Yahya Jammeh had given instructions that the remains of the late Buba Baldeh, former Member of Parliament and Minister of Youth and Sports and Culture during the PPP era, will not be allowed to enter the Gambia to be buried. Buba Baleh’s corpse and entourage were stopped by military personnel at the border and prevented from entering Basse Mansajang, the home town of the late Buba Baldeh. By this action, Yahya Jammeh has once again demonstrated his callousness, pettiness, and lack of respect for people in general and even the dead.

Yahya Jammeh is all evil and full of hate. He has inferiority complex.  He rapes our women; unlawfully confiscates our properties; accuses our relatives of witchcraft and gives them poison to drink; imprisons, tortures and kills our children, fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters; steal from our national coffers; cause many to flee into exile etc.

Jammeh has now stooped so low and is even fighting the dead. His recent action is repugnant and abhorrent.  To deny Gambians to be buried in the Gambia most recently, Kukoi Samba Sanyang and now the late Buba Baldeh and mind you even the Christians are not spared because he recently denied the Anglican Christian congregation from holding a requiem burial mass for Bishop Tilewa Johnson at the McCarty Square (now July 22nd Stadium) and instead forced them to hold the ceremony at the Bakau Stadium- all this shows how heartless and callous Jammeh is.

Yahya Jammeh makes Gambians the laughing stock of the whole world by his childish and gibberish statements against the West, gay people and his bogus and fake claims of curing HIV/AIDS, infertility, diabetes, hypertension etc. Nobody today respects Gambians thanks to Yahya Jammeh and the rationale is that a country gets the leader it deserves. For 20 years Gambians refused to challenge the excesses of Jammeh. Instead, our religious leaders and Gambian intellectuals have been supporting and aiding him in all his evil ways.

We Gambians have no character whatsoever and this is very evident in the way we all allow Yahya Jammeh to disrespect, control, abuse and exploit Gambians.  Now for those cowards hiding under the upcoming 2016 elections to wrestle Jammeh out of power, sad to say that you are all political jokers. Jammeh is a beast who believes in the underworld and the use of brute force  and he cares less about democracy, religion and Gambians. Are we all going to standby and allow Yahya Jammeh to continue to brutalize us?

May the Soul of Buba Baldeh and all Jammeh’s victims rest in Peace!



Papa Kumba Loum

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  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

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    Buba Baldeh’s great grandfather, Musa Molloh Baldeh conquered and ruled about of Gambia’s territorial land until he was forced to relinquish control by the British. MansaJang Baldeh, Buba’s grandfather and son of Musa Mullo, presided over southern URR, Basse and the surroundings as the Crown Prince of Fulladu. MansaJang’s son, Micheal Baldeh, represented the people of basse and jimara in parliament after franchised was extended to the protectorate. He also served as minister of education in the PPP administration of sir Dawda jawara. Nobody can therefore doubt that Buba Baldeh was an indigine of The Gambia, he was not just a citizen, and yet we have this Yahya jammeh with questionable citizenship denying buba burial right in his native MansaJang where his grandfather presided as crown prince of Fulladu Empire, and his father member of parliament. This is beyond believe. The word ‘sad’ is not strong enough to describe it.

    Rest in peace Fula Mansa; Baldeh banna.

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