Kairo Introduces Quran Stories

Imam CeesayIn its efforts to boost the understanding of Muslims, the Islamic department of Kairo Radio decided to launch a new programme geared towards achieving that goal.

“Stories of the Quran is a response to our listeners’ demands,” the programme Anchor and Editor of Kairo News/Radio Islamic Affairs said. “It’s not an easy job but we are grateful to Allah for endowing us with the knowledge to explore the Quran, the surest light of guidance,” Imam Momodou Ceesay said. “This holy book of Allah was sent to Prophet Muhammad [PBuH] during the holy month of Ramadan. It has contained so many important stories. Some of these stories are good while others are bad. But Allah decided not to include some stories in the Quran for reasons best known to Him alone. Therefore, we will only talk about the stories that are known to us and leave the unknown to the Almighty Allah.”

Ceesay, also the Chief Imam of Detroit Islamic Center, hopes the new programme will help Muslims better understand that Quran. “This holy Book is loaded with interesting, informative and important stories that we need to know,” Gambian born Cleric said, believing that Muslims’ better understanding of the Quran will be a solution to their problems.

Imam Ceesay wanted to do a chronological narration of stories of Allah’s Messengers and Prophets but he decided to take on the story of Prophet Musa mainly because of public demand. Prophet Musa’s stories dominate the Quran. Like all other prophets, he said, Musa Ibn Imran was sent for a purpose. “He shared his prophecy with his brother Haruna. Musa’s mission was to salvage his people from the tyranny of Pharaoh, one of the brutal and heavily equipped tyrants in the world. Pharaoh had a full functioning government with ministers, police, intelligence agents, etc. He had ruled his people with iron fist, became corrupt, empowered his tribesmen and wreaked havoc on others.  Pharaoh favoured his Egyptian Qibti people at the expense of others. He would force other tribes to toil for him without paying them anything. That was why Allah sent Prophet Musa to come and salvage the oppressed Israelites.”

Stories of the Quran will be relayed on Kairo Radio every Saturdays until Ramadan ends. Imam Ceesay’s Lokung Kawando and Karantaba come on Kairo Radio on Friday. Anyone who has questions for Imam Ceesay can send message to kaironews12@gmail.com or musas@att.net.


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