Senegal Leader Sacks Premier

Aminata Touré/Seyllou/AFP/Getty Images
Aminata Touré/Seyllou/AFP/Getty Images

Senegalese President Macky Sall has reportedly sacked the country’s Prime Minister. Aminata Touré’s Friday sacking came on the heels of her failure to win a mayoral seat in Dakar during Senegal’s just concluded local government elections.

Touré, the second woman Prime Minister in Senegal’s history, was appointed to the post in September last year. Touré who is known as the Iron Lady was the Justice Minister until her appointment. She had spent much of her adult life defending the rights of people, particularly women. Touré was a militante [militant] and a footballeuse [footballer] who played for the Dakar Gazelles.

Aminata Touré failed to defeat the popular Parti Socialiste Mayor of Grand Yoff Constituency in Dakar. Khalifa Sall, a non-relative of President Sall, swept the polls. Sall’s government also lost badly in almost all the big cities in the local government elections. The former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Speaker ousted President Abdoulaye Wade from office through democratic means in 2012. Senegalese have since voiced out discontent over his government’s policies. Senegalese voters blamed the Sall government for its failure to stimulate the economy as well as create jobs.

President Sall is expected to appoint Aminata Touré’s replacement soon. Sall’s success in 2017 elections in the former French colony depends on how his government addresses the needs of Senegalese.


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    Other reports have it that she resigned.


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