Gambia Mumbles High Security Alert

Gambia's military chief of staff Ousmane

The Gambia government has reportedly mumbled an emergency security alert across the country, Kairo News has learned.

The declaration followed President Yahya Jammeh’s departure to the 23rd African Union Summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on Wednesday. The Summit, whose theme is Agriculture and Food Security in Africa, ended on Saturday. More than 50 Heads of State attended the Summit.

A senior military official, who wished to remain anonymous, informed Kairo News about the emergency declaration. “A combined team of security forces has been deployed in all parts of the country,” our source said. “These forces include President Jammeh’s Special Forces. The move is part of the Gambian leader’s security concerns.”

Our most trusted military source said majority of the new special forces are non-Gambians who are only concerned about the Gambian leader’s personal security.

“Before leaving for Equatorial Guinea, President Jammeh summoned security chiefs, ordering them to respect the state of emergency.  The President wanted security units to focus on the Gambia’s porous border towns until his return when he would officially commission the Special Forces.”



  1. Alagie Sanyang

    Cowards will never know peace!

  2. A clear indication of paranoia,you see what goes around comes around.Just time will tell.

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