Jammeh Turns Civilian Staff Into Military

jammehPresident Yahya Jammeh has reportedly turned  some of his most trusted civilian staff at State House in Banjul into military personnel.

Our sources, who begged to remain anonymous for security reasons, said the desperate Gambian leader has ordered these civilian staff to go through intense military training in Fajara Military Barracks for six months.

Kairo News has gathered that President ‘s move is borne out of security fears. “President Jammeh has undoubtedly been living in a state of paranoia for sometime, which is why he  does not trust his security staff. This is why he has resorted to turning his most trusted civilian staff into military men. It is all about preserving President Jammeh’s security.”

Informed sources added that the integration was also aimed at preparing civilian staff for a possible emergency or an attack. “You know that some of these people are so close to him that Jammeh thinks it is necessary for them to go through military training. But it is all about bolstering his personal security,” our sources added. “President Yahya Jammeh plays with everything except his personal security. His plan is to prepare these civilian staff to act militarily whenever the need arises.”

President Jammeh’s obsession in military affairs is also pushing him to integrate his civilian staff, a senior military official told Kairo News.  We will follow the story and keep our readers posted on new developments on the story.



  1. That’s not going to help you. Time is up.

    • thanks janjanbureh. the man is falling apart and the more he does stupid things like this, the less secure he will become. he and his gang will drown in their own evil sooner than we think.

  2. They said you can run but you cannot hide. As for Yaya Jammeh you cannot run because of your BIG BELLY and you cannot hide too.