‘Diseases Have No Boundary’

Modou Njai
Director of Health Promotion and Education, Modou Njai

The deputy Director of Health Promotion and Education has defended the Gambia’s readiness for the deadly Ebola virus, saying “diseases have no boundary.”

“Ebola is a killer disease that is fast growing within the sub-Saharan Africa,” Muhammed Saho told journalist at the National Nutrition Agency conference hall in Banjul. “If your neighbor is affected, one way or the other you might be affected as well,” he said, explaining the necessity for the Gambia to get prepared ahead of a possible outbreak.

Also talking about the importance of preparing ahead of Ebola outbreak is Mr. Saho’s immediate boss, Modou Njai, who expressed his department’s resolve to put in place the necessary mechanisms. Mr. Njai said they have since been working on issuing updates on communication strategies and social mobilization on Ebola and spreading leaflets to educate the people on the disease and its prevention.

He said through the help of the UN system his institution is able to provide 210 Technical Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Health has provided seven agents. Other teams, billed to start on June 15 onwards will be assisted by 313 Red Cross volunteers in each of the regions, will help people on how to prevent and protect themselves.

Director Njai aid his institution has so far sensitized 875 village heads in six regions. “We have Cluster monitors who are to monitor all the schools and they will embark on sensitization, given out leaflets and guideline as well as radio sensitizations.”

He applauded the WHO for helping his institution on developing a plan on Ebola prevention and control. The plan includes communication, social mobilization and surveillance.


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