Blood Crimes: Are We Getting Closer To making Jammeh Pay Up

Blood on your hands
James’s blood-laden hands

Since coming to power through the trumped up bloodless coup slogan, many sons and daughters of the Gambia have suffered horrific violences and the crimes all remain unmitigated, unsolved and an open case against the Gambian blood thirsty President. The international tribunals only get involved in serious large scale human rights violation, deeming it ‘crime against humanity’. The Gambia may not have witnessed mass murders in the capacity of thousands of deaths within days, but it has suffered incidences that have all the hallmarks of igniting a situation of civil war if the other side does not remain sane and non-violent.

The ECOWAS court ruled against the Gambia government in many high profile cases, including the gruesome murder of Deyda Hydara and the brutal torture of journalist Musa Saidykhan.

However, the floodgate is still yet to be opened. The ECOWAS court should not just remain at ruling against the Gambia government, it should also ensue sure that it’s ruling has meaning and backbone. The court must use every influence of the ECOWAS high office to prevail on the Gambia government to honour its decision or face consequences. ECOWAS have to place some sanction against any government that fails to abide by the court’s ruling.

The pending compensation of Musa Saidykha and Deyda Hydara mean many others will remain unconvinced that, taking their case to the regional court has merit. The assets of the Gambia government in member countries can be seized, travel ban be place on the regime, suspension of members and it’s benefits and ending trade agreements. This will be clear indications that, the value of human rights means something to ECOWAS members and that, dictatorship has no place in modern Africa.

Yahya Jammeh is determine to rule in the old fashion shameful bloody style and he has seen no reason to change. The political opposition on the ground are cornered and they lack the financial, communication and material capacity to challenge the system adequately. Gambians have been subjected to terror on such a long time, people are safer distancing themselves from all forms of opposing the regime and it’s daily atrocities. There is a cold war style system in place. The Gambia lacks free media, and the ordinary person is even more dangerous to opposition activist than the regular intelligence officials. The unending hardships in the country have provided the opportunity for ordinary people to sell information against activist and opposition supporters on the cheap to the security officers. Therefore, the Gambia requires help and clear indication that, institutions like the ECOWAS, AU, EEC will not continue playing normal diplomatic ties with the country, whilst people are suffering in silence.

The Gambia civil service is filled with moles ready to implicate decent hard working civil servants. Personal jealousy can easily be translated into one being branded ‘a member of the opposition or someone listening to online radios and news’. Gambian activists are calling on the ECOWAS to put more meat on the bone and make the Gambia government comply with it’s ruling, so that the families of Daba Marena, Kanyiba Kanyi, Kebuteh, Sarjo Kunjang Sanneh, Sedia Sanyang, Basiru Barrow, Dot Faal, and many others can file their cases against the the bloody regime of Yahya Jammeh.

Make Yahya Jammeh pay up and shame him diplomatically to serve as a deterrent or warning signal to other tyrants who want to emulate rear breeds like the monster Jammeh. He is a shame to the Gambia in particular and Africa in general. Gambians are now watching whether ECOWAS will have the muscle to prey on it’s belligerent members like the Gambia to stop disrespecting the court’s verdict.



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