Breaking News: Jaliba Crowned King

Jaliba coronationBeing crowned the King of Kora is a realisation of the Gambian music maestro’s dream. At exactly 2:30 AM London time, the joyous Jaliba Kuyateh was crowned the King of Manding’s 21-string mystical instrument in the city of Bristol, United Kingdom.

It was more than a joy to see Jaliba sat on the throne. The newly crowned King did not stop there. He looked around the room brimming with smiles, reacting to how his efforts to showcase Manding culture and the Gambia to the world has been appreciated to the extent of being showered Kingship title.

Kombo Sillah Association’s crowning of Jaliba was its greatest way of thanking the man who has demonstrated his love for his people, culture and the country, using the Kora to mend broken relationships, entertain people, promote culture and raise funds for worthy causes.

A retired British Medical Doctor, who is a Gambian in spirit, was given the honour to officially crown Manding’s greatest living pride. Nick Morris caught the attention of everyone in the jam-packed hall when he decorated Jaliba with a scarf, a ring and the Mighty Crown. Jaliba’s ever loyal fans soon fill the hall with huge uproar, clapping and yapping. The swetest moment left the New King’s two wives in tears.

Before the official crowning took place, Mr. Kuyateh entertained his fan with three of his songs, among them Biyaso which touched the hearts of Guinea-Bissau citizens who handed a flag decorated with Dollars to the Kora King. Guinean citizens’ action symbolises that they know Jaliba’s worth.

At the time of piecing together this story, Jaliba was entertaining fans as a Crowned Kora King in Bristol.

More details of the Coronation ceremony will be broadcast in our subsequent radio programs. Due to technical glitches, Kairo Radio was unable to relay the live Coronation.



  1. Anta Diop

    May Allah protect your Kingship. Your Kingship is long overdue. Happy at last it arrived.

  2. Alagie Sanyang

    King Jaliba Kuyateh! You deserve it. Your hard work finally paid off.

  3. Marcel Gomez

    Thank Allah that the day we have been waiting for is finally here.

  4. Kalilu Jaiteh

    You have been called King of Kora for so long. It’s no longer a wishful thinking. What a nice story!

  5. Alagie Jabbi

    Tears of joy rolling on my cheeks!

  6. Mariama Ceesay

    Jaliba, the King of Culture, Philanthropy, Kindness, Kora and Boldness. Wish you God’s protection.

  7. Mansatta Jadama

    Cograts King Jaliba!

  8. Fatou Camara

    Well done Kombo Sillah kafo. Congrats Jaliba u deserve it. May Allah SWT continue to guide and protect u with long life, good health and success.

  9. Femi Mahoney

    I bet Yaya Jammeh is going to be jealous of Jaliba Kuyateh now. This is wonderful considering Yaya Jammeh will never in his life time be accorded such a welcome by any Gambian community abroad. Congratulations to Jaliba and thanks for entertaining us all all these years

  10. Bundas Bayo

    Not to my dismay he deserved even more than this. He is a lovely person with a lot of admiration and he expose Gambia beyond border both national and international level. I could hardly dry my tears with a lot of joyed, I wish him a long life with a good health.

  11. Not to my dismay Jaliba deserved even more than this. He such a amazing and indeed a outstanding kora musician within our subregion, with a lot of admiration. Needless to say, he exposed Gambia beyond borde both national and international level. Gambians owe him a lot .Am absolutely overwhelmed for his noble achievement, seriously I could hardly try my tears. I wish him a long life with a good health.

  12. Femi some time we need to put politics aside congratulations king jaliba

  13. Ebrahim Jaiteh

    Tears come down rolling

  14. Nguruga Ba

    Congratulations King of Kora. May you live long.

  15. Yankuba Jobe

    Congratulation King of Kora!

  16. People like Jaliba are as dangerous to our society as the most reactionary among us, they glorify our suffering and oppression, how can such a person be crown as a king. we have a long and difficult struggle ahead.

  17. Alasana Sowe

    Saiks, give us a break. This is an entertainment and for you to bring politics into it is madness. Jaliba’s songs are full of love, tolerance, respect and good words. If he praise people and they give him gift, what is that got to do with you? People are paying hundreds to see musicians all over the world. Peoples traditions are different. Come on man.

  18. Gebou Sarr

    Saiks the most dangerous to our society are not only the likes of Jaliba but your MOJAG comorades who from day one help to plant Yaya jammeh for the Gambia including members of your MOJAG executive can you start calling those people to stop what they are doing in the name of FREEDOM.”What is good for the Goose is good is good for the Gander”

  19. Lamin Jammeh

    Saiks and his Moja boys are sheep in wolf clothing. They don’t believe in anything except their myopic and never to be accomplished ideas. They are irrelevant in any struggle.Jaliba will always be our Pride King.

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