Jammeh Sets Trap With Phone

presidentAnyone who converses with Gambian President over the phone has been warned to be extra careful if they don’t want to fall into his trap.

“This is a stern warning to anyone who communicates with President Yahya Jammeh,” the State House Revealer alerted. “People should be careful in the way they communicate with President Jammeh who is in the habit of trapping people with his phone. The first thing he does when he calls or receives the phone is to put it on speaker, especially when he is not suspicious of those around him; he does not hang up the phone when he is done with communication. He will instead leave it on speaker mode, wait and monitor what people say about him. Our President is always suspicious of what people are talking about.”

The Revealer said Aziz Tamba, the man many described as the Co-President of the Gambia, was a victim of Mr. Jammeh’s telephone trap. “President Jammeh spoke to his once powerful cousin on the phone but refused to hang up after their communication ended. Aziz put his phone in front of a car and started backstabbing President Jammeh, explaining how he would teach him a lesson for being in the habit of not paying him for his services.”

The Revealer said President Jammeh got upset and waited until Mr. Tamba put his words into action. “Aziz fell into his trap, got arrested, detained and finally jailed for 14 years. Tamba was convicted of many crimes including economic crimes. But the reality was that his arrest had been connected with Abuko Abattoir where he took bulls from sellers in President Jammeh’s name. He pocketed the money given to him by the President who later reached to the bottom of the case.” Aziz Tamba was convicted of theft and holding of unlicensed fire arms in 2006.

Mr. Jammeh is also accused of bullying some very important people in the country. “He will put his phone on speaker mode, call them and haul insults at them,” added State House Revealer, promising to start emptying the confidential files of First Lady Zeinab Jammeh. “I owe Gambians a duty to inform them about how their First Lady and family have been messing around with taxpayer’s money.”


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