Jammeh Prefers Football To Cabinet Meeting

cabinet meetingAfter two weeks of strategising and devising ways and means of dispatching news out of the Gambia undetected, our indefatigable Revealer has succeeded in sending yet another surprising revealation from State House, the seat of presidency in Banjul.

“I want to inform Gambians that their President Yahya Jammeh does not care about their country’s economic development and I will tell them why,” the Revealer tells Kairo News not long ago “The President’s actions have repeatedly continued to contradict his empty public rhetoric in which he parades himself as the most hardworking person in the country. You will be surprised to know that President Jammeh is in the habit of leaving cabinet meeting without having the courtesy to tell his ministers why. Instead of returning to the meeting, he usually turns on TV to watch football tournaments of his enemies; I mean Europeans he publicly hates and repeatedly vent tirades at them for questioning his system of governance.”

The Revealer questions why President Jammeh is obsessed with English Premiership matches when he hates the United Kingdom government. “President Jammeh gets upset anytime his favourite team loses. He is a die-heart Manchester United fan.”

The Revealer adds that President Jammeh  appears at the cabinet meeting late making sure that his areas of interest are addressed according to his wishes.  “Jammeh will ask his ministers to re-do everything if he is not satisfied. Sometimes they will work tirelessly until midnight. He pays special attention on budget issues,” the Revealer said. “This is the true character of President Yahya Jammeh.”


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