Fatu Radio Network Is Born

fatou camaraGambia’s Most Interactive Online Radio Network premier launching will be on Saturday, May 17  2014 on www.faturadio.com introducing the world to the Gambia’s most interactive online radio at 2pm ET, 6pm Gambia/Senegal, 7pm UK. This program will give our audience the opportunity to know the team behind the radio and an insight into our upcoming programs.This will also allow our audience to call in and let us know what they expect from us.

The philosophy of the Fatu Radio Network is simple – we are different and keep up with professional standards and ethics. We seek to not only bring your favorite topics to live, but as well as have you – our beloved listeners to not only tune in but actively get involved in our programming. From news, to music, talk shows, to comedy, celebrity news, gossips to knowing the inside story, the Fatu Radio Network brings you a team of experienced staff that will take you on a journey keeping you updated 24/7 on or off air.

With our news team working around the clock, if you want to know what is happening around the world, from the smiling coast of the Gambia, to the Middle East, Asia to Europe, United States to Latin America, Canada to the cape of Africa, you definitely do not want to miss the TODAY SHOW every morning at 8am ET, 12pm Gambia/Senegal, 1pm UK with Fatou Camara and the Weekend Review every Saturday with Sam Phatey at 11am ET, 3pm Gambia/Senegal, 4pm UK and get perspectives from experts in various fields who will appear on his show.

Do not afford to miss out on the BIG INTERVIEW every Monday at 3pm ET when Fatou Camara goes one on one to get answers to questions that people want to know so bad from those involved. Exciting right? But you have to hear this one. Keep up with the struggle and Gambian politics by joining Banka Manneh in what critics are describing as “hot cake moment for real” for the show: FOR THE PEOPLE – BY THE PEOPLE and Imam Baba Leigh for Denee Ak Duun Nola.

Fatu Radio Network will have you enjoying your weekend even more. Join FAMZ 120 every Sunday and DJ William’s STRESS-FREE-SATURDAYS for the latest sounds of music. Catch Linguere live from Sweden on Tuesday on the women affairs from the home to the workplace, from social gatherings to social media.

The Fatu Radio Network brings more life to online radio. From cooking to romance, to staying and eating healthy. You definitely do not want to miss our shows like TORGUE AK DIONG NHE with Mamy Diop, kids have fun with KIDZ ACTIVATED with Aji, HEALTHIER U with Oumie and Bobo, BANTABA KACHAA with Fabakary and indeed join the one and only Modou Musa with ATAAYA – a comedy you do not want to miss.

Our shows are streamed from around the world and as we strive to bring you more interesting programs, we encourage our listeners to give us feedbacks and even recommend what kind of shows they want us to create in our discussion forum. Fatu Radio Network will bring you credible news and information, and provide you with the best entertainment and educational programs. We will bring you all aspects of the story from our credible newsroom and sources – provide clarity, professionalism and objectivity that is needed so you, our listeners can make your own decisions and judgment.

The Fatu Radio broadcast with the most state-of-art technology. Just in case you miss your favorite show, we record all our live shows for ON-DEMAND playback to ensure maximum quality satisfaction and assurance. You simply browse your favorite show’s page on www.faturadio.com to display a current playlist of all episodes of the show and play the episode you missed.

We are not only a radio station, we will always add new videos and pictures on our website from your favorite shows with contents you won’t see or hear anywhere else – a FATU RADIO EXCLUSIVE. At Fatu Radio Network, we solicit expert opinions on daily issues, news and events, hints and tips, the latest fashion trends, product reviews and behind the scene happenings. If you want to advertise your business, we have great ad spaces, strategically and uniquely positioned and affordably priced to give you the biggest client tale for your money. For more details, experience the Fatu Radio Network on www.faturadio.com and contact us through our website. We know you will enjoy our programs. Faturadio Management


  1. How is Faturadio the “most interactive online radio when it is just starting? Proof yourself to be the MOST. Well, congratulations Fatou for coming up this initiative.

  2. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Good. I hope people will now see no reason to go to freedom. Pa nderry hates Mandingos. Apart from the president, it is only the Mandingos who are the subjects of his insults and out of order vilifications. Such a person have no place in the struggle for he can only bring polarisation on ethnic lines rather than a unity of purpose among the diverse people of The Gambia.

    Make no second guess; I am a proud Mandingo who cherishes both his mandinka culture and history, and mandinka upbringing. If there somebody out there who is not proud of his/her identity, that is not my problem and please do not take it out on mandinkas for we are not responsible for your low self esteem and lack of pride in your cultural or tribal identity.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Hello Fatou Camara, please try and include Momodou Thomas in your team. He is a very good presenter. He used to managed radio one Fm along Kairaba avenue. I understand he now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.


  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The earlier a mandinkaphobic medium like freedom and pa nderry mbaye are rendered obsolete, the better for the struggle. Freedom newspaper and radio have become grossly and increasingly counter-productive.

  5. Another on line radio is welcome..Wish you success sister Fatou. ..

    Really Lafia, I don’t think anyone will take you seriously. ..Pa Nderry is anything but Mandinkaphobic…He does have his “ALL self important” ways, which can be annoying, but Mandinkaphobia is not one of them….

    Infact,I heard him take a swipe against Dr Sedat Jobe, Imam Cherno Kah, Mayor Yankuba Colley, Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay, Ahmat Bah,etc…neither of whom is the president, nor a Mandinka…

    How do you justify this claim that “apart from the president, it is only the mandigos who are the subject of his insults and vilification… ”

    I remember (before the falling out), especially around the time of the Raleigh Conference,and opposition alliance efforts, when Pa Nderry and his band of commentators,as well.as the other on line papers, placed Lawyer Ousainou Darboe on a pedestal and reserved all their criticism, innuendos and malicious propaganda for Halifa and the PDOIS Leadership…

    He wasn’t Mandinkaphobic then, was he…? Now that he has subjected Lawyer Darboe and the UDP to constant criticism (some of which is unfair) and dismissed the party as irrelevant in the struggle, he is considered Mandinkaphobic. ..That is simply NOT TRUE. ..

    BTW. ..The disaster that resulted from Raleigh has shown quite clearly that the decision of the PDOIS not to attend was WISDOM in itself…

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bax, I am reserving my comments about Halifa and PDOIS as their time is not yet around.

    You clearly did not read my post. I have no reason to address your points. The fact that you implied that Dr jobe is not mandinka tells me you don’t even know Gambia.

    I don’t take you seriously anyway, and I am done.

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I also know that mandinkaphobics don’t like anybody speaking against the emerging trend of mandinkaphobia in Gambian politics. So I am not surprised that you are attempting to counter when clear, you did not even read my post.

    There is a difference between legitimate criticism and insults or baseless, tribal aggravated and out of order vilifications.

  8. ” Pa Nderry hates Mandingos. … Apart from the president, it is ONLY the Mandingos who are subject of his insults and out of order vilification…”

    The above is part of what you wrote about Pa Nderry Mbye. ..A serious accusation without a single supporting fact.. .

    Not a statement, an utterance or a word from Pa Nderry, to back up allegations and proof that he hates Mandingos….

    And yet, you talk about “constructive criticism” and being taken seriously….! You are the biggest joke on this blog…

    You have failed to meet the minimum requirement in constructive criticism…Please do yourself a favour and don’t ever mention “constructive criticism” until you know how to do it..

    Of course, surnames no longer define tribe, but we all know that, traditionally, the “Jobes” are not Mandinkas …

    But even if Dr Jobe classifies himself as Mandinka, your statement is still false as others (non mandinkas) have been at the receiving end of Pa Nderry ‘ s unpleasant and at times, very rude attentions. ..

    That though, cannot constitute Homophobia/Mandinkaphobia (if they are mandinkas)..

  9. What we can see from you and your likes is the emergence of mandinka supremacist in the Gambian political discussions…

    Where every thing seems to be centred on the fallacious assumptions that mandinkas are the rightful owners of the country because they form the majority and some, especially within the UDP hierarchy, claim to be able to trace their ancestry 7 generations or so in their settlements…

    How this is supposed to make them.more Gambian than the rest of us is still to be fully explained…

    This attitude, though inexcusable and immature, is result of the stupid reactions from the APRC, with their ill conceived, occasional anti-“mandinka” rhetoric..

    Two sides of almost the same coin..

  10. Let me.ask.you this question Lafia…

    What do you think of the thousands of Mandinkas, who follow Yaya Jammeh and vote for him..?

    I am asking you because I’ve heard some very unpleasant things said.about such mandinkas on one of the online radio, by a person I suspect to be a Mandinka. ..