What It Means To Be Black

By Seedy S. Fofanah


To be Black

Means to be proud of my color

From the East to the West

From the North to South

I preserve my color like other races

For the world was meant to be black


To be black

To be black is to be dignified

To be black is to be upright

To be black is to be holy

To be black is to be moderate

To be black is to be generous

To be black is to be decent

To be black is to be humane


To be black

Is to proclaim blackness and

Celebrate its innocence

O black Mother and Child

The World looks up to you

Wake up blacks and act fast

Mother Africa awaits your salvation.




  1. kassey

    What a wonderful poem though. One should be proud of your own colour especially the black colour.

  2. Bakary Jarjue

    What an inspiring and thought-provoking poem!

  3. Kalilu Jaiteh

    Good job Seedy.

  4. Frantz Fanon, Black Skins White Masks 1952:

    “I propose nothing short of the liberation of the man of color from himself … To us the man who adores the negro is as sick as the man who abominates him … in the absolute, the black man is no more to be loved than the Czech, AND TRULY WHAT IS TO BE DONE IS TO SET MAN FREE”.

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